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Things You Need to Know About Amygdala Hijack

In this life existence, many issues come and get resolve. A strong person needs to solve all obstacles and go ahead. But, often problem creates a deadlock in our brain, and a person unable to find the solution at that time. To resolving any issues, first of all, our brain should be calm and peaceful and prepared practically and emotionally too.

If we see then, emotions are the strongest and powerful tool, to making energetic and active to the brain, with good controlling power. Emotions are good and beneficial but if it is in control and in a matured way.

Sometimes, it gets to happen that we lost control of our emotions due to the unconventional brain’s condition but later we regret it. The causes behind it can be anything or any person. If you got hyper on any of them at height and after some time, you got realized that. You have done wrong.

Amygdala Hijack
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If you suffered from the above situation then surely “Amygdala Hijack” inherited to you.


In the year of 1995, physiologist Daniel Goleman used this word first time in his book “Emotional Intelligence”. Why It Can Matter More Than IQ" to allude to a quick and extraordinary passionate response that is messed up with regards to the circumstance. At the end of the day, it's the point at which somebody "loses it" or truly overcompensates to a person or thing.

Goleman's term intends to perceive that we have an old construction in our mind, the Amygdala, which is intended to react quickly to danger.

What is Amygdala?

Near the base of the brain, the collections of the cells are known as the Amygdala. It has two phases, one in each hemisphere or side of the brain. It is the place where feelings are given significance, recalled, and appended to affiliations and reactions to them (enthusiastic recollections). The amygdala is viewed as a feature of the cerebrum's limbic framework. It is critical to how you measure compelling feelings like dread and joy.

Early people were presented with the steady danger of being killed or harmed by wild creatures or different clans.

Fight or Flight –

Early individuals were given the consistent risk of being killed or hurt by wild animals or various families. To working on the odds of endurance, the fight-or-flight reaction advanced. It is a programmed reaction to actual risk that permits you to respond rapidly without intuition. At the point when you feel compromised and apprehensive, the “Amygdala” naturally actuates the fight-or-flight reaction by conveying signs to deliver pressure hormones that set up your body to fight or flee.

This reaction is set off by feelings like dread, tension, hostility, and outrage.

What are the symptoms of an amygdala hijack?

Two stress hormones are the basic reason or symptom of Amygdala hijack: Cortisol and adrenaline. Both are getting products in the body from adrenal glands to preparing the body to flee or flight.

  • Cortisol plays a vital role in the body and affects several body functions as well. It also includes the preparation for fight or flight response.

  • The main work of Andrenaline is too stimulating to the body functions. Make them ready to respond to the threat.

  • Give relax to your breathing system, and maintain that to get more free breathing

  • Stress hormones, essentially adrenaline, do various things you may not see, including:

  • Increment the bloodstream to your muscles for the most extreme speed and strength

  • Increment your glucose for more energy

  • Expand your understudies to upgrade your vision

Symptoms- That actual matter:

  • Sweaty Palms

  • Rapid Heart Beat

  • Goosebumps on your skin

After Amygdala Hijack, you may feel embracement, Shy, or regret due to your bad behavior may have been irrational or inappropriate.

Link with “Chronic Stress” –

Chronic stress plays a vital role in the term of circuitry in the brain. The greater Amygdala seems in the people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And the emotional terms get increased like anxiety and fear. The panic disorder, social anxiety disorder also works better in term of an amygdala hijack.

How can you stop an amygdala hijack?

The Symptoms of Amigdala Hijack can be stopped or reduced by working on your frontal cortex, the rational, logical part of your brain. Need to apply some practice and persistence.

First of all, need to work on emotions. If your body is going out of control and anxiety and mental disorder is making you week and stressed or responding to the fight and flight. Then need to stop focusing on that.

If you are feeling that fight and flight mode is inheriting to you and to your mind too, then first of all make calm to yourself. And now think in yourself that which topic is making force on your brain.

At the point when you're quiet, deliberately connect with your front-facing projections by contemplating the circumstance and tracking down a smart, reasonable arrangement.

Become mindful of your triggers and cautioning signs, and notice when they're available. A decent method to remain quiet is to focus on your relaxation.

How to prevent an amygdala hijack?

If you want to prevent an Amygdala hijack situation then follow the following steps:

  • Control to emotions

  • Stop yourself by thinking non-relevant thing

  • Take control of things that relates to brains, emotions

  • Find ways to keep yourself safe and calm

  • If you are feeling threatened or afraid then try to keep yourself far from that thing or place.


You can change your brain position by applying meditation in that we apply deep breathing. It is the best way to get rid of stress and anxiety.


This implies you utilize your frontal lobes to thoroughly consider the circumstance, audit the potential alternatives, and pick the most reasonable and sensible approach to react.

The Takeaway:

This modern world is running with stress, anxiety, and mental disorder. To making our anxiety and stressed social media also gives its signification, like natural disasters and dangerous events. Your amygdala can react to this pressure as though it's an actual danger to you. It can assume liability for your cerebrum and trigger your instinctive reaction.

You can forestall or stop an amygdala seize by breathing, dialing back, and attempting to center your contemplation. This permits your frontal cortex to recapture control. You would then be able to pick the most sensible and fitting approach to react to the circumstance.

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