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Trending:Things you must do for a better life in this nation wide coronavirus lockdown

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Whole of the nation is under lockdown for 21 days for coronavirus outbreak which has a strong possibility to be extended further. In this nation wide coronavirus lockdown in India, entire population are inside their homes leaving the most busy streets of the country empty.Suddenly a lot of time have been added to your time account which you have no idea how to utilise.Instead of being bored or just by passing time on Netflix,Prime and other streaming apps, you should do a lot of productive things during this nation wide corona virus lockdown period which will improve you as a person and may also help you in your future personal or professional life.

During this 21 days of nation wide coronavirus lockdown in India,don't waste your time just by doing unproductive things all the time.You must do things that make you happy, increase your knowledge, improve your personality and make you feel confident during this nation wide coronavirus lockdown.

1.Pursue a hobby: Start learning a musical instrument, try to sing, start painting or do whatever you like during this lockdown period.We all used to do a lot of things during our childhood days which we never practice now.Like we used to paint or draw sketches during our childhood times but today because of many reasons we don't have the privilege to do these things.This lockdown can be a blessing for you if you pursue any creative things during this period and come out as a master after 21 days.I think you know the saying that any habbit can be built in 21 days.

2.Spend time with your parents: Not only parents, as you are in home, try to spend most of your time with your siblings and other family members too.We live a very hectic and busy life and we don't get enough time to spend time with our family.Trust me they are the ones who were always with you and will always be with you irrespective of your situations.Talk to your parents, ask them about their feelings and try to be friend with them. In this world, everyone is selfish except your parents.

3.Find yourself: I am not suggesting you to do meditaion or something like that though meditation is very helpful to feel the inner voice.All the time, you were rushing after some targets whether it was from academic or from professional life, but have you ever thought what your inner voice says.Are you satisfied with whatever you have achieved or the things you are pursuing or do you feel some sort of unsatisfaction with your life.Note that happiness and satisfaction are not the same thing.You may be doing things just to be happy, maybe that gives you momentary satisfaction also.But are you rally satisfied? Ask yourself the question.Satisfaction comes from inside whereas happiness is something which can be achieved by watching a movie, playing guitar, listening to your favourite songs etc

4.Work on your dreams:You have a lot of time to work on your dreams.Whatever the dream you have, just start working on it.Trust me nothing is difficult in this universe once you are onto it.Without an aim, life is meaningless, start working on your goal to have the life you always wanted.During this nation wide coronavirus lockdown in India,take an oath to yourself that you will be more closer to your dream once the lockdown is over.

5.Read books: Reading is a good habit.Choose one or two books of any genres and start reading it.Reading books improves your concentration power also.Take a self help book and finish it.Generally these books are not that thick and you can complete them within a short period of time.After completion of the self help book, start reading another book of any genre.This will improve you as a person.

6.Eat healthy: Our eating habits have been destroyed over the years due to our busy schedule and our undisciplined lifestyle.Healthy eating habits are very important for a healthy life.Start a habit of eating healthy this time as you are in home and why not you can have meals cooked by your mom and who doesn't like it.

7.Try to use less of social media: Social media is a mess and most of the mental health issues arise due to social media.Try to avoid it or if not possible try to decrease your time on mass social media like Facebook,instagram etc and divert the time to any productive or creative work you enjoy.

8.Feel positive: Whatever may be the situation outside, you should be optimistic always.Dont loose hope.You should always feel good about yourself.Screw the society.Only thing that matters to you is yourself.Always keep this in mind.

9.Be nostalgic: Try to recall all the good things that you have come across in your life so far.This will automatically feel your mind with positiveness,nostalogia and confidence.

10.Be an entrepreneur: Try to earn when you are in home during this nation wide coronavirus lockdown, You can do blogging,Vlogging and freelancing too to earn your living.Always try to have a side income for backup even if you are in a high paying job.Use your skill and monetise it.

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