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The Nauseating Truth About Teenager Violence and Abuse

Teenage violence.

Aggression and impulsiveness are rising among teenagers. They get aggressive and harm other teens. Their impulsive nature is not only harmful to others but for themselves too. Physical violence may lead to injuries, depression, or even death. Some young teenagers are becoming victims of violence, some are offending others. They are getting involved in physical and social violence for no specific reason. There are many types of violence that many teenagers are adapting to due to many causes.

Teenage violence
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Kinds of Teenage violence.

Controlling others and stopping them to do Things how they prefer. Not wanting anything other than the way it should be according to them.

Jealousy and wrong behavior. Getting jealous of someone else with assets and doing verbal violence.

• emotional, mental, and physical violence with youth. Emotional abuse mainly occurs with close ones, they use emotions and harass their siblings or friends.

• Bullying – the most common violence among teenagers, hurting victims physically, mentally, socially, or verbally humiliating them.

• Cultural violence. Various cultural teenagers get bullied or bully others as per their power.

• Gender-related violence. Violently hurting individuals based on their gender. This is also called gender inequality.

Teenagers get into unnecessary physical violence, troubling mental violence, and unwanted social violence. There are visible symptoms of violent nature .regular losing of temper over unnecessary topics. Frequently fighting. Getting playful over risky things and takings risks. This violence in a teen's nature will become harmful for their upcoming life. This violent nature could arise due to many reasons.

Possible causes of teen violence.

Unwanted use of drugs or alcohol. Could be because of the Influence of a bad company or a singular person. Many people pressure teenagers to take drugs and alcohol. Guiding them to the wrong path.

• watching or listening to the shows/podcasts, where the main content is violence. New TV shows or videos on the internet are showing violent content which is having a bad impact on a teenager's mind.

• Fighting games or video games, teach how to fight and take out your aggression on other things pressurize the brain of teenagers.

• Having parents with violent or neglecting nature and witnessing them doing violence or even experiencing it.

• Not learning to respect people and elders.

• Aggressiveness and violent behavior for the long term could lead to violence

• Lose of satisfaction with their works.

• Greed of power of any particular asset.

Avoid violence among teenagers.

Cases of teen violence are increasing day by day. Teenagers are more of a victim of violence than adults. If you are a victim of the violence or a witness to violence report those crimes or activities to police, teachers, or parents. Don’t take violence as a play, take a stand for what is wrong and should not be done. Some use their power for violence. Take back their power if possible. Don’t support violence at any cost. This violence in nature of a person can increase with time and become dangerous.

Teenage abuse.

Teenage abuse is a serious problem and hard to cure. Getting abused or abusing others, are two main phrases in teenage abuse. Teenagers are getting abusive which results in violence. Victims of teenage abuse Experience drastic change which affects their mind and mental issues and could cause them depression. Teenagers get abused by other teenagers or any other adult, which sometimes leads to suicide or post-traumatic stress. Many kinds and reasons are there for teenage abuse.

Kinds of teenage abuse.

Physical abuse, the most common abuse that teenagers very often do and experience. Breaking assets or getting involved in fights.

• Sexual abuse mostly known as rape, which includes physical abuse as well, could pressurize victims’ minds and cause them disorders such as depression, anxiety, and physical restraint.

• Emotional abuse, mostly parents, guardians, or siblings are the offenders of emotional abuse. This is the hardest abuse to detect, as it doesn’t have many symptoms.

• Financial exploitation is also a kind of abuse. Taking all the finances from an individual and making them fall into a subsistence crisis.

• self-abuse is one of the results of depression and anxiety that teenagers do.

Abusive teenagers think they can control others and put their own priorities first and restrict others. Abusive people enjoy the power that gives them while abusing. They intentionally use their power to abuse people and victims

Causes that pressure a Teenager to become an abuser.

Experiencing domestic violence at home and not having anyone to support them could lead the teen to get aggressive and impulsive.

• Separation of parents because of divorce, close relatives, or friends can pressurize the teen’s mind to believe that there is not any constant person beside them.

• Having a physical or mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Feelings of low self-esteem or low confidence.

• Getting stressed because of financial issues and neglecting parents over necessary needs could pressure the child to abuse people for money or other assets.

• Not having anyone besides them or lacking the support of family members or friends.


Stopping teenage abuse is necessary for the youth. Many teenagers are deprived of support and care, providing them with some love and support, keeping their diet healthy can calm their minds and reduce their stress. Trying to disconnect from the use of alcohol and drugs can help them with the control of their minds. Not using abusive language or getting hyper in front of abusive teenagers can reduce the chances of giving them a turn to fight. Victims of abuse need care and support too just by taking the same precautions with both abusers and victims we can help them.

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