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The era of tele health therapy: How tele therapy is empowering the modern Indians?

How do you spend most of your daytime? The answer may vary, but one thing is constant with all of you and that is your mobile phone. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. As we are spending a lot of time on our phones, why not use them for our betterment? Teletherapy is something that is gaining too much attention now after the covid phase. The most ignored mental and emotional health issues can be solved effectively with the help of teletherapy and being a new age person, you must give it a try whenever feel needed.

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Teletherapy is a very new concept from an Indian perspective. We are not much aware of mental health issues and their remedies. Unlike physical health, mental health is never given enough importance in an Indian household. Forget therapy, we are always told to either ignore or just try to be happy whenever we share our mental health concerns in our homes. No one can be blamed for it actually. It's a result of poor social culture and lack of knowledge. Telecounselling for different sectors is booming now, but I think the most effective changes we have seen are in the mental health sector. You hardly can remember seeing a therapist in his/her clinic. But millions of Indians are now attending therapy sessions at the comfort of their homes. It's a great shift in the health-tech sector as a whole.


Mental health is still considered a nonissue topic in an Indian household. Stigma and taboo are different chapters altogether. Visiting a therapists’ clinic can still welcome social judgments. The best thing about teletherapy is that it erases the chances of any kind of judgment and any chances of social insults by offering the guarantee of confidentiality with each session.

If you want to visit a therapist in Delhi, you now don’t need to take all the hustles of traveling, making appointments, and waiting a long time in the clinic. You can just visit sites like FlyingPepper and book a session with a therapist of your choice at a time slot you are comfortable with. Kind of a revolution, isn't it?

Therapists in Delhi:

Teletherapy does not mean that you will not be able to book a session with a therapist of your locality or from the same language-speaking background. A common fear many has is that they will have to share their vulnerable side with someone staying in a foreign country who does not understand their language. It's not like that. However, any therapist you take sessions from, be it from anywhere around the globe will follow confidentiality. Nothing to fear about. But yes if you want to have a session with someone from your locality, that's also not an issue anymore. You can book sessions with therapists in Delhi through a therapy platform like FlyingPepper while staying away from your hometown. So simple right?

Why the hesitation?

So why the hesitation? I know it will take time for society to get educated about mental health. It's not possible to change a social narrative with just a single blog. It takes time, but we cannot wait for that perfect moment to see a therapist when everything will be so good. Society will change but not by itself. We should work step by step towards educating society and eventually it will change. When people start talking about therapy in their homes, when they start visiting the therapists, or when they start taking initiatives to make people aware of mental health.; things will change.

There is no point in hesitation while thinking about therapy. You don't need to visit a therapist at a nearby clinic. You have tremendous flexibility in booking a session along with choosing a therapist. Online therapy and counseling platforms have made it easy for you. Visit a site like FlyingPepper and start changing your life one step at a time.

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