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Teen depression and suicide -the inexpressible crisis.

Teen depression

Depression is a serious medical illness and has mood disorders. It has a bad impact not only on their mental ability but physical response too. It could lead them to gain or lose weight. Depression changes the ability of the person to properly think, act, feel and react. It causes the person to lose interest in their ongoing work, home, and even the activities they used to like doing earlier. Depression not only is a mental illness it also changes you as a person. Depression is like feeling nothing, liking nothing. Some people don’t even notice if they have depression, and some people, even after noticing their problem, cannot help themselves. Depression doesn’t happen in one day on a week, it happens when a person thinks about the trauma continuously. Depression has its symptoms. Some people have mild and some have major symptoms to notice.

Teen depression

Symptoms of mild or major depression.

Depressive mood over almost everything. They may feel even the most exciting things worthless too.

• Losing interest in every enjoyable practice. They get disconnected from the things they admire.

• Not being able to approve of themselves or their hard work and feeling worthless.

• Not able to feel their energy for doing any work and feel tired of even small works.

• They may withdraw or cut-off relations with friends and family or talk very little with everyone.

• Getting lost in themselves for most of the time of the day

• Insomnia or hypersomnia is the most common symptom.

• lose appetite or overeating.

Possible causes of teen depression.

Being Bullied continuously by other people in schools, colleges.

• Pressure of studies and marks. Higher studies need More attention hence some teenagers stress themselves continuously which may lead to depression.

• Getting physically, mentally, or socially abused.

• Sudden death of some close relation.

• Stress overwork or deadlines.

• Financial crises or Family issues. Not being able to help the family being a teen and judging themselves can cause depression.

• Traumatic events. Experiencing something which was not appropriate and thinking about it continuously can drag their mind to depression.

Approved cures for depression.

Depression is a treatable mental disorder. It is hard for most of the teens suffering from depression to tell their problems and get any treatment for them. Many people don’t know the seriousness of the problem and tease the suffering ones. Teens sink into depression more just by thinking about the bullies. Doctors have found many cures for depression There are effective and harmless treatments for depression. Medications for treating the issue are one of the many people who consult their doctors and get proper medications that help them with depression. Another one is Meditation, which is effective on not only depression but many more diseases too. Meditational cure depends on the response of the person, and it takes the person some time to get used to it. Psychotherapy is also an optional cure, doctors help people by asking them about their feelings and reactions, sometimes giving them their privacy and sometimes giving the person some advice and motivating them. These processes take time but can help teens and people to go beyond depression. Curing the depression is necessary or it could lead to more dangerous things.

Teen suicide

The rate of suicide in teens or students is increasing every year. They are ending their lives as the last option. Teens are doing suicide due to their mental pressure, their helplessness. There are many causes why people's suicide and two reasons are depression or anxiety. The causes of depression and anxiety can be mutual. Both depression and anxiety are serious common mental illnesses. Both are equally disturbing but have different conditions.

Anxiety is feeling nervous over everything, trying to calm the environment but being helpless. Anxiety is getting overwhelmed with each and every emotion. Being extra aggressive or impulsive. Getting scared of the environment. Anxiety is feeling everything at once.

Depression is feeling nothing. Trying to understand or react towards the environment but being helpless. Not feeling any emotion.

Causes of Teen suicide.

physical or sexual abuses. Getting involved unwillingly in inappropriate physical contact disturbs the mind drastically and leads to depression or anxiety and major consequences.

• people harm themselves due to depression and anxiety, excessive self-harm leads to suicide.

• feeling hopeless and not able to think of any other option.

• All the same causes that lead to depression and anxiety.

Symptoms of a suicidal mind.

People with suicidal brains often have symptoms. Some people get aggressive over small things and are highly impulsive. There are rapid frequent changes in their behavior and routine. Most suicidal minds plan before taking such drastic steps. They may discuss it with someone and another person just shrugs it taking it as a joke. This is not a healthy conversation. Suicidal minds could even attempt many times to suicide. They are lost in themselves most of the time or overthinking about small things. They may display their overwhelming emotions and talk about the hopeless future they assume they have.


There are many patients in the hospitals who tried to attempt suicide but survived. Doctors try their best to give them all the cures and motivation. Teenage is the age when a person comes to know and learn about the life cycle and importance of the life, struggles, and benefits. Teenage is the period of time where teenagers have to make choices about their upcoming life. Being under pressure many teenagers get on the wrong path and take wrong decisions and steps. Teenagers need good guidance, support, care, and love which will reduce their stress and help them choose the right way and live a healthier life.

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