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Storytelling podcasts: Why storytelling is an important skill to learn!

Skills are more important than degrees in the modern world. Offbeat career choices are getting more attention now. Learning new skills, practicing a lot and finally earning a handsome amount at the end of the month is the new trend going on. In such an era, the ancient human skill of storytelling often gets ignored. We often assume storytelling as a god gifted talent and only some selected individuals are blessed with this talent, which is not completely wrong though. Various storytelling podcasts and different stories available online are some great examples to this.

Storytelling podcasts
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Stories have always been an inseparable part of human civilisation. Even our evolution is a result of stories to some extent. Society, religion and revolution, all are the results of some stories. Our ancestors were great storytellers too. Without the availability of any modern medium of sharing, they managed to form societies and successfully cooperated with the help of stories. We are all encoded with the skill of storytelling. The only problem is that we never realise this. Storytelling is a great skill and it can be learned like any other skills. Storytelling podcasts are a great way of exploring this art form.

The world is changing everyday. Unconventional career choices are getting more attention now than the conventional ones. The urge of freedom and flexibility is behind this. Modern millennials are not fans of working somewhere, under someone, for another one just for the sake of money. The high popularity of digital nomad, workation and staycation are the results of this.

Why storytelling is an important skill to learn!

Ignore the clickbait heading. If you ask me how to be a good storyteller?, I will answer that you are already one. From the excuses we made in school during our childhood to being victims or part of the politics at different stages of life are all stories. It's an important skill. A skill can be learned, mastered and can be turned into a source of income. Storytelling is not a deviation from this.

You can make a great career out of your storytelling talent and trust me you don't necessarily need to write books for it.

1. Cooperation: Even in the modern world, stories are the sole factor for cooperation at a larger scale. Think of any political party. What do they do exactly? No, I am not talking about the development work and all. At the very basic level, they sell stories. Some believe in them and become followers and some not who become their opposition. A democratic election is basically a clash of stories. Forget politics, in every sector of life, humans need cooperation and stories are the raw material for it.

2. Leadership: Leadership is all about leading a group of people to a common vision. Now what is vision? A vision is nothing but a form of story. A good leader is a good storyteller. Influencive storytelling is a great skill.

3. Career: Storytelling is presently at high demand. Blogging, vlogging and podcasting, everything are some forms of storytelling in the modern world. Content writing, content marketing and copywriting are presently some of the hottest career choices modern millennials are opting for. These freelancing skills also pay really well once you are experienced.


Stories are very powerful tools. It can make a government and even break a standing government. Storytelling is a skill, most precisely an art form and like any other skills, it can be learned, mastered and can be pursued as a career through various platforms. Storytelling podcasts are a great way of learning this skill.

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