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Should I skip breakfast or not: A detailed Overview

First, when you think about breakfast, it is the nice warm meal which you get first in the morning and the proportionate chances are that they are prepared by your mother, father or your partner and most of our elders say “don't skip breakfast”. Is it necessary to eat your breakfast or not? Moreover, most of the working-class people used to get their breakfast from tiffin centers, hotels, or tea stalls across their offices. There is a large portion of people who have a couple of bananas or any other fruit as their breakfast rather than having a meal because a banana or any fruit is something that you can grab on the go and do not have to spend time preparing it. However, there is still a large portion of people who skip breakfast, most popularly busy bees in the work-life, who are struggling to get to the office before time.

These are the aspects which were seen pre-Covid but after the impact of the pandemic, the situations have slightly changed. As many people are working from home many have been preparing a healthy breakfast and eating them regularly. However, a large portion of people who are working from their homes have been skipping breakfast as they are lazy enough to prepare their meals and rely on fruit or any other health drink as smoothies. The ideology of brunch has been well used by many professionals during the pandemic times eating a heavy meal between the time for breakfast and lunch skipping both. This ensured that they only had to prepare the meals twice during the day.

On the one hand, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. Moreover, you should have a heavy and healthy breakfast is considered one of the best health remedies. On the other hand, many types of research on breakfast consumption have depicted that skipping breakfast is associated with many health benefits as it aids to intermittent fasting one way or the other stretching your food intake intervals. Many health enthusiasts are in confusion on which you should follow and which will be better for maintaining our bodies. Many of the researches which have been conducted concerning breakfast has shown us that both skipping as well as having a healthy breakfast has positive as well as negative effects on a human's body

This blog will describe a certain of the benefits and demerits of both having a healthy breakfast daily as well as skipping it.

What happens if we skip breakfast every day?

The ideology of skipping breakfast which most people say is the most important meal of the day has been widely accepted by many Millenials as well as health and fitness enthusiasts. As many may be aware of the effects of it, a large portion of people follow it blindly and influenced by certain sports professions as well as celebrities without having the proper grasp of it. One of the major aspects of skipping breakfast will root to overeating during other meals. It's because we are bound to intake the same calories and proteins needed for functioning in two meals. This will lead to overeating at each of the meals and causing fatigue feeling and laziness throughout the afternoon session of your day.

In addition, you will feel tired and hungry throughout your mornings lacking the energy to do your routine activities. An empty stomach will affect your morning exercise routines if you are a person who exercises regularly. Moreover, it will lower your energy levels needed for the workout and feel exhausted after a workout rather than being enthusiastic. This will lead to consumption of snacks and other fast foods in between the day having high-calorie content making your stomach instantly full. The chances of you having a heavy lunch if you skip your breakfast is quite high and this will affect your evening work out as in most cases you will feel full and tired during the sessions. Another aspect in regards to skipping your breakfast will be the imbalance of blood glucose levels which will be further problems such as greater body mass index which is associated with obesity. These are certain negative side effects of skipping a healthy breakfast regularly, now let's move on to understand what are the benefits of skipping breakfasts.

Is it good to skip breakfast?

As the aspect of skipping your breakfast has a variety of negative impacts on your body, so do certain positive impacts that will be leading to your betterment. A major portion of humans skip breakfast due to the lack of time during their day as they have to complete their morning chores and they are left with no time to get to the office or their computer screens. However, skipping your breakfast is also associated with certain health benefits too late now to understand what those are.

  • You will end up consuming fewer calories if you do not overeat therefore aiding in weight loss

  • Will add to the intermittent fasting as you will be waiting for lunch to have your first meal. This will help you follow the 16/8 intermittent fasting methodology.

Why do many people say that they shouldn't skip breakfast?

Having a healthy breakfast regularly will provide you with various health benefits and will fill your stomach after a night's sleep where you have not eaten for almost 10+ hours. It Has been said that you should eat your breakfast like a king which is heavy as well as healthy which will keep you energetic throughout the day. With a healthy breakfast, you will be able to cut shots on your dinner as well as lunch which will help you provide you with good digestive capabilities and help you keep your body healthy. Further, it is already advised you never take a heavy meal during your dinner as it will affect your sleep as well as cause indigestion.

Essential vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients are provided to your body if you eat a healthy breakfast regularly. Most of you have searched for quick breakfast recipes which are healthy as well as make you full in Google which will help you save time during your day. Most people try never to skip breakfast and the number of people who consume their breakfast has increased in this era of the pandemic as many professions are working from home. Consumption of breakfast regularly will aid in controlling your weight and even further will help you with weight loss. A high-protein breakfast will keep you energetic and going throughout the day. Further, it will boost the brainpower among children and help them in their academic activities. Having breakfast will help you with the choices of food and avoid you from taking between-meal snacks that are high in calories. These are the certain benefits of having breakfast. Let's now move on to understanding the verdict of whether to skip your breakfast or not.

Should I skip breakfast or not?

The decision on whether to skip your breakfast or not should entirely depend on your body and how it feels. If you are always hungry after waking up you should not skip your breakfast else you will initially skip and end up consuming numerous snacks pre-lunch to keep you going. In those cases having breakfast is vital for your body. On the other hand, if you wake up not feeling hungry and don't not for the entire day till noon its better you could skip breakfast. Having brunch can also be beneficial where you eat only one meal skipping both your breakfast as well as lunch but you should ensure that you keep the calories and protein in check.

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