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Banana, not your regular fruit: The nutritional value of banana

As the saying goes apple a day keeps the doctor away but rather than an apple, a banana is a fruit that is consumed daily by most people all over the world. Today the amount of banana consumption is at its peak with a wide variety available offering high nutrients as well as vitamins for the strengthening of the body. Moreover, rather than being eaten raw it is used in various dishes and recipes all over the world from cakes, puddings, fried dishes, and many more. The fruit has been evolved throughout the globe based on the cultivation conditions in which they are being grown which majorly depends on the levels of water, rainfall, temperature, quality of soil, fertilizers used, cultivation practices, climatic and tropical conditions, and many more aspects.

Propping is one of the common methods of cultivating bananas where there is essential support provided with the help of bamboo or other long parts of the wood or support of any form to prevent them from falling due to winds. In addition, in the aspect of commercial farming, the methodology of wrapping to protect the fruit from sunburn is also practiced throughout the world. In India, a country where banana is one of the essential parts of the meal, over 30.5 million tonnes of it are grown over the year as from the previous year statistics which has risen even more. As I am from the southern part of the country and from a rural area almost every household has a cluster of banana trees grown. And the astonishing fact is that not much care is provided and only a low amount of labor is used in the process of cultivating it. As the new shoots are generated from a single root there is no need for it to be replanted if grown non commercially. Enough of the cultivation aspects of bananas let's now move on to understand the nutritional benefits of banana and other benefits of consuming them.

What are the benefits of eating banana?

Bananas are considered as a snack and as a full meal. Many people consume just a couple of bananas for lunch, skipping the heavy meal and opting for a nutrient-rich solution. As the fitness culture has kicked into the communities the consumption of bananas has even increased. There is no person who has never taken a snack break in between their shifts to get certain refreshments and for them, bananas provide a nutrient-rich snack. Most people prefer bananas as a snack because it's easy to grab and consume without making your hand messy or not using a knife, just peel it and throw it in your mouth. Let's now understand certain of the nutrient benefits of consuming bananas and additional benefits of the fruit and the banana tree.

A banana is the best nutrient and vitamin source.

The nutritional value of banana makes it the best fruit to be consumed with rich amounts of carbohydrates and larger proportions of Vitamin A which is the betterment for your vision, prevents sun damage of your skin, improves the functionality and capabilities of your heart, lung, kidney as well as other internal organs. Additionally, the richness in Iron and phosphorus makes it a better nutrient booster than any other fruit. The high density of fiber content will make the banana the best fruit to be consumed daily helping you to maintain the overall health of your body. Furthermore, the consumption of bananas is better for maintaining a healthy blood glucose level in your body.

The best source of energy

You have seen sports personalities eating a banana in between games mainly during cricket matches, between the drinks beak you might have seen Virat Kohli having a banana. This is because a banana will provide enough energy to stay focused and attentive during the game. The same aspect can be seen in fitness enthusiasts where they consume bananas between workout sessions as a snack to boost their energy.

Aids for the betterment of your digestive system

The rich fiber content in bananas makes it the best food to maintain and restore the bowel movements of your body. Moreover, eating ripe bananas will remove constipation as it improves the efficiency of waste movement through the bowels.

Remedy for curing a hangover

There is no worse feeling the next day after a heavy party and alcohol consumption mostly during the weekend. Monday mornings are tough and harsh with a severe headache and buzz feeling throughout your head. Consuming banana smoothies in the morning will replenish body vitamins and reduce the effect of hangovers as it calms the stomach and removes the acidic feeling with the help of the nutrients in banana.

Additional benefits of banana

There are furthermore benefits of bananas which are better for threatening your health problems and preventing many diseases. In addition, it can be used in various home remedies which will benefit your overall body. Rubbing the banana peels on your skill will aid to remove the itchy feeling of the mosquito bite or any other insect bite. Moreover, it has the moisturizing benefits of hydrating your skin by rubbing it all over your face. Furthermore, bananas contain antimicrobial elements that will be better for treating dry scalp and removing dandruff and its further after-effects. Along with the capability to soften your hair, as well as the banana hair mask, will be an essential hair remedy for many.

The consumption of the banana flower will keep infections in check, aid menstrual well-being, keep diabetes in check, and prevent heart and other cancerous diseases. A major portion of the South Indians prefers to eat their food in banana leaves which absorb the polyphenols helping to prevent multiple lifestyle diseases, a practice which has been followed since ancient times. Nothing beats a full course meal with a variety of vegetarian dishes which not only fills your stomach as well as your mind.

In conclusion, bananas as well as the tree also serves many health and convenient benefits to the people therefore, it's better to plant at least 2/4 banana plantains in your backyard rather than opting for any other fruit-bearing tree as it requires less card and up to null use of fertilizers for its growth.

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