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Navigating College Life: Expert Tips to Boost Mental Health for Students.

According to HealthyPlace, “Self-care is how you take your power back” Are you giving an equal preference to your physical and mental health? Do you know that physical and mental health are interdependent with each other?

When we talk about the mental health of college students, who are moving from their hometowns to different locations. Students interacting with new people, new atmospheres, food, and culture will take time to adapt to this new environment. And, you have to manage your physical and mental health to enjoy a fun life in your college.

Proper yoga, Exercise, and regular food help to manage your physical health. But what precautions are you going to take to improve your mental health? Let us dive into the topic to know more about the tips for mental health.

Expert Tips to Boost Mental Health for Students
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Why Mental Health is essential for College Students?

Mental health is a combination of our mind, brain, and emotions. Good mental hygiene gives you more confidence and a positive attitude to face anything in life. Stable mental health gives you more happiness and fulfilled life. Positive mental health contains multiple benefits:

  • Good mental health gives you more focus, concentration, and success in your life

  • Good mental health makes you a studious person in your class

  • Good mental health helps to maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues

  • Good mental health gives you mental peace and solution to all your problems

  • Good mental health gives you adequate sleep that leads to more academic achievements

  • Good mental health reduces anxiety and stress

5 tips to improve the mental health of college students

1. Wake up in the Early Morning

A person becomes an achiever when he wakes up in “Brahmamuhurtham Time” (Between 4 am to 6 am). This time is significant for achievers who want to escape the rat race.

But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to wake up at this time. Your sleepy and lazy mode makes you snooze the alarm on a repeat pattern. Only hard work and burning desire is necessary to wake up in the morning.

What will happen if you continuously wake up at this time? The presence of more energy and cosmic power makes your mental health strong. After that, your entire life will turn into magical college moments.

2. Spend time with you personally

Do you like to enjoy time with yourself personally when no one is not around you? Nowadays, everybody is interested to know about others. But people are not interested to know about themselves.

Because it doesn’t give you more fascinating and kick of knowing them. But when you start to spend time with yourself, you can identify your strength and weakness, thought pattern, likes and dislikes, your mindset, etc…

This gives you a clear picture of your goals and purpose in your life. As soon as your mind gets clarity, your mental health will be good

3. Focus on every work

Are you living in the present in every moment? your answer is no. Because our mind does not work on the basis of the present and it thinks only about the past and future. It increases more stress and pressure in your life.

“Focus is God”. When you start to focus on every work consciously, you will get a habit of living in the present moment. Focus reduces the stress and fear in your life.

On the other hand, this helps to find your “Swadharma” (a work that brings more riches and a wealthy lifestyle). So, start to live in the present moment and get more success in life.

4. Stay away from media before 2 hours of your sleep :

“ Media is the greatest threat to mental health”. Media gives a stack of thoughts that are useless to consume. And, the worst part of consuming media is, it creates more fear and negative belief about life and society.

Consumption of films, serials, and comedy shows at night leads to more stress and creates unwanted thoughts. It disturbs your quality of sleep and gets ugly and terrible nightmares. So, stay away from media for your good mental health.

5. Start Focusing on yourself

Don’t compare to others. This is an ugly game of playing with yourself to limit your confidence and strength. Instead, spend time with yourself regularly and identify your strength and weakness.

Identify your abilities and skills to master them to show the best version of yourself to this world. Remember, what Priyanka Chopra said in an interview,” The World Won’t believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself”

6. Spend time in your Favorite Place

My favorite spot in my home is Balcony. Every day morning I wake up at 5 'o'clock and grab a cup of tea in my hands. I sit on the balcony without any media or phone. At once, I start to enjoy tea with beautiful nature.

What happens when you sit in your favorite spot? It relaxes your mind. When your mind gets free from clusters, you can find a solution to your problem without any third person reference. And at one point, you start to realize that, “Happiness is not present outside, it is hidden in ourselves”.


1. How to keep your mental health strong?

Proper diet, yoga, exercise, spending time with yourself, Hanging out with friends, learning and experimenting with new subjects every day.

2. How can I be mentally strong in college?

Don’t take everything seriously, stay away from toxic people, and be ready to accept whatever comes your way. You should have a good quality of sleep at the night and Be calm and silent with rude people. And, prove yourself to this world only at the right place. So, students follow these tips to keep themselves strong.

Unlike school, college is a beautiful platform to learn more skills. You can interact with more people, You can have more fun with your friends, and You are a free bird to experience anything in your life. It is possible only when your mental health is strong. So, follow these tips to keep yourself fit.

What changes are you going to bring in your life to improve your mental health? Let me know in the comments section.

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