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Mussoorie temperature: Mussoorie weather is perfect to visit these 7 places in winter.

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The Himalayas spreading across the subcontinent region is a prime attraction of many visiting India. This himalayan small town Mussoorie in the state of Uttarakhand is a gem in the Himalayas. Besides exotic, picturesque locations, it's the Mussoorie weather that attracts tourists to come to this place. Mussoorie temperature is perfect to have an exciting winter vacation. Plan your trip to Mussoorie this winter and if you are lucky enough you may have some glimpses of snow too at some locations.

Mussoorie weather
Credit: Unplash

Mussoorie, popularly known as the ‘queen of the hills’ is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. This hill station in Uttarakhand is a perfect getaway for the millennials of Delhi and nearby cities. The distance of Mussoorie from Delhi is approx 290 Kms and it is just approx 34 Kms far from the capital city Dehradun. Besides all the famous tourist spots, there are many offbeat locations in Mussoorie which definitely should be in your to do list if you are more interested in exploring than sightseeing. Temperature in Mussoorie is just perfect for this.

7 places to visit in Mussoorie this winter:

1. Landour:

Landour is an old British cantonment town near Mussoorie. Britishers named this place after a town in Britain as they were facing homesickness. If you like calm and serene places, this place is a must visit. Walking on the narrow mountain roads amidst the picturesque sceneries is a dreamy experience. Landour Bakehouse is a store in Sisters Bazar where you can try some dishes with an old British recipe.

2. Lal Tibba:

Being the highest point in Mussoorie, this place offers an excellent view of the mountain ranges. If the weather is supportive, you can have a clear view of the Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks through the telescope placed at the top. You can walk from the Landour Bakehouse to Lal Tibba. Renting a scooter will help you cover all these places within a short span of time.

3. Char Dukan:

Char Dukan is a combination of four shops in Landour. These shops have been there from the British era. You can have maggie, pancakes or omelette watching the gorgeous views around.

4. Dhanaulti:

Dhanaulti is approx 42 Kms far from Mussoorie. You can rent a scooty or a bike to cover this distance. Bikes and scooty are easily available at the Library Chowk. There is an eco park at Dhanaulti which has a view point at the top. Ticket price is 50 Rs for Indian adults. You can enjoy the views around from the top while having a maggie at the maggie point. If you reach early, you can have the views of clouds floating in front of you at the viewpoint top. Snowfall happens here normally in January. The temperature in Mussoorie goes down to negatives. Your chances of watching snowfall depends largely on the weather in Mussoorie.

5. Surkunda Devi temple trek:

Surkunda Devi temple trek is located at a distance of approx 36 Kms from Mussoorie and it takes nearly 2 hrs to cover this distance by scooty. The trek is 1.5 metres long with an elevation of 4000 fts. The trek is medium level for a first timer. It takes nearly 1.5 Hrs to reach at the top. The view from the top is worthy though.

6. Mall Road:

Mussoorie is great in winter. The temperature in Mussoorie goes down to 1 degree and sometimes even to 0 degree celsius. Walking on the Mall road in winter is a dreamy experience. This place is the most happening place in Mussoorie. All the stores at one side, the other side offers the gorgeous picturesque views of the mountains along with the view of Dehradun city at the bottom.

7. Kempty Falls:

Kempty fall is located at a distance of approx 15 Kms from Musoorie. Honestly saying, I found this place overhyped. The ride is worthy though. The fall is not that great but the scenery is just out of the world. You have to stop at many points during your journey just to capture and enjoy the picturesque views around.


Mussoorie is a perfect place to visit in all seasons. In summer, the temperature in Mussoorie goes to a maximum of 25 degrees with a minimum of 10 degrees. Monsoon is also great here. During winter the temperature in Mussoorie ranges between approx. 1 degree celsius to 10 degree celsius. Weather in Mussoorie is perfect to spend a vacation in every season.

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