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Music for work concentration: Why workplaces should give more emphasis on Music for work!

Music is magical. How bad the situation we may be in, music has the ability to change our mood instantly. Workplaces are stressful. Stress, anxiety and depression are gifts of a toxic workplace. Modern workplaces should give more emphasis on introducing music at work to fight against these odds to mental health and to create a happy to work environment.

Working at office wearing headphones
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Modern millennials like freedom. Nobody wants to work at a place full of politics, back bitching and gives no importance to its employees. Millennials like to work somewhere which is employee friendly, happy to work at and welcoming towards them. Increasing productivity of the employees is the utmost priority of all the modern giants and introducing music for work in the offices is indeed an excellent concept towards creating a productive, employee friendly and happy work culture.

Startups are becoming more creative day by day. A Startup primarily focuses on creating a happy work culture at its offices. Music playing in the background helps in creating a happy environment. Some companies have separate music rooms for relaxing. Most of the startups offer noise cancellation headphones to its members to provide them an environment free from the chaos and to help them concentrate on their work. Music while working is extremely helpful on doing any kind of creative work. It helps you in staying focussed and insightful while working.

Why workplaces should opt for music for working in office:


Some tasks demand a high amount of concentration. It's difficult to remain concentrated on something extremely important being surrounded by a bunch of people talking. You need to be in an isolated mindspace to remain focussed on your work. Playing some music for work concentration on headphones is a great way of escaping the chaos around and to remain focussed. Whether you are coding or doing any creative tasks which need immense concentration, this technique helps a lot.


A high productivity is completing a task with minimum time with a high efficiency. Startups focus heavily on increasing the productivity of its workforce. It's like getting the maximum output with minimum workforce without pressuring much on the employees. Startups include facilities like table tennis room, sleeping room and music room for the employees. Most of them have speakers playing soft tunes in low volume installed at the workplaces.  These kinds of initiatives help in creating a stress free and happy work environment and increase productivity to a great extent.


A happy work culture is said to be a myth. There will always be office politics, gossip and back bitching. What we can do to create a happy work culture is by neglecting them. This is what modern workplaces are opting for. Headphones are life savers. It keeps you away from all the bullshits going around and helps you stay focussed at your work. Indirectly, this tactique is helping you stay at your happy work zone. 


Getting frustrated at work is inevitable. Working continuously for hours in front of the monitor indeed invites frustration on not getting results. Relaxation is a necessity. The small tea and coffee breaks sometimes do not work. You need a healing and refreshing experience to get rejuvenated for your work. Here comes the role of music. Music is a great healer and the best way for relaxing. Playing upbeat songs and happy music inside the music room is a perfect therapy for frustration. Get your playlist ready, enter the music room and have an excellent relaxing effect with upbeat electronic music.


To maintain an extremely talented workforce of modern millennials is a great challenge for the companies. They leave on not getting the expected work culture at the organisations. Companies are trying to be creative and cool to attract the modern workforce. Startups are trying to provide a happy work environment to them. Offering laptops with headphones and installing speakers playing instrumental music for work at the common areas are some of the new trends going on in startup offices all over the world. 


Music helps in concentration, keeps you focussed and helps you in rejuvenating after a frustrating session. Introduction of music at various workplaces around the world is a great initiative to increase productivity, concentration and to create a happy work culture at the offices.


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