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Make Your Subconscious Mind More Powerful with These Hacks

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Everything you want to achieve in life can be done by training your subconscious mind. Author Joseph Murphy has explained it beautifully in his best-selling book - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

 reprogram your mind
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If someone tells you that whatever happens in your life simply depends on how you think, would you believe? Most of us have been told that our actions shape our life, which is somewhat true but what makes us act is our mind. Therefore; we must know how to unlock the enormous power of our mind.

Do you know that our mind is divided into three parts i.e. Conscious mind, subconscious/unconscious mind and preconscious mind. When you answer that 4x4 = 16, it’s your conscious mind but when you find yourself telling, don’t do this, you have once failed at doing this, it’s your subconscious or unconscious mind talking. If we have to break the difference in short, your conscious mind consists of your thoughts, memories, feelings that you are aware of. On the contrary, your subconscious mind stores all the feelings, thoughts, critics, desires that you don’t even know are still in there. To reprogram your mind, you must know how to train your subconscious mind. The author Joseph Murphy has explained how you can take control of your life in his best-selling book - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. This bilingual book can easily be purchased from Amazon. If you are serious about taking control of your life, you must read any of the Joseph Murphy books from the Self-help category. Eager to know about the hacks, read more to know…. 1. Clear your vision: You must know what you want from your life

Mostly, we keep thinking why is this happening with me? Why am I always with bad luck? What did I do to deserve this life? Isn’t it? While counting all the bad things that happen with us, we keep feeding our mind with more negativity. To shape your life as you want, your vision must be clear. Then only, your subconscious mind can help you enormously.

2. Feed your mind with what you desire in life Just like conscious minds, our subconscious minds also work more effectively at a specific time. Therefore; it is crucial that you know when and exactly how you should feed your mind your life desires. Right before you go to sleep is the most accurate time when our subconscious minds are the most powerful. At this time, you should think about your goal. Visualise it. Acclaim it. For example: If you are financially struggling, tell yourself, I am financially independent. Visualise having financial freedom.

Due to our negative experiences, we all have some limiting beliefs that cause self-doubt. Have you ever tried to do something and your mind instantly reminded you how you failed at it before? To clear away limiting beliefs, self doubt and negativity, you should practice positive self talk. Every night before going to bed, remind yourself of your worth. What makes you YOU. These empowering beliefs will certainly make your life fulfilling.

3. Practice Gratitude Comparison is the sole reason for negativity, anxiety and dejection. All of us are blessed with something which makes us unique. But due to social pressure, limiting beliefs and low self image, we start to compare ourselves, our lives with others without even giving gratitude to what we already have. When you start appreciating, you fill your mind with positivity and it gets rewired to notice more of the things that you are blessed with than worrying about what you don’t have.

4. Biohack with Binaural Beats Reprogramming your mind helps to emit limiting beliefs and it can be done constructively when our subconscious minds are in the most relaxed state. Binaural beats are an effective and fun way to promote positivity and enhance mental calmness. These beats induce state of mind by triggering alpha waves, which promotes increased focus, improved confidence and reduced anxiety.

So, the conclusion is…

Your subconscious minds can take you much farther in life, if you train it right. By practicing all these proven hacks, you wouldn’t only be able to emit limiting beliefs, but would be able to reshape your life as you desire. The power of your subconscious mind is there for a reason. Sense it, experience it and make the most of it in your life.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you did, let us know what hack are you going to try soon? Please like the post and drop your comments!


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