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Low self-esteem - The silent pessimism

Introduction to self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the amount of confidence and trust in oneself. A person with high and healthy self-esteem can find happiness and achieve success in an easier way, they could handle the ups and downs of life in an easier manner with their high and positive attitude.

People with a lack of confidence or low self-esteem, find it difficult to deal with all the challenges in day-to-day life. They feel negative about and are unable to Handle critical circumstances.

Every person has their own Moments, where they felt a lack of confidence or self-trust. Low self-esteem is a long-term issue, and it could affect one’s mentality. Low self-esteem is visible in people lacking confidence. Most people criticize themselves and judge their own works, appearance, lifestyle, and abilities. Following are some visible characteristics of people with low self-esteem.

Low Self-Esteem

Characteristics of people with low self-esteem.

• They are their own criticizers. Extreme pressure of criticism inside their own mind triggers them to panic or get nervous and lose control over their senses.

• Never appreciating their own talent or quality works, not showcasing their good qualities, and hiding them because of the fear of being judged.

• Describing themselves as a negative person, using negative words such as ugly or fat.

• Blaming themselves and criticizing their own self over any bad circumstances, or situations that are out of control.

• Having discussions with themselves negatively for their failures, and not being able to stand for or handle the situation.

• Feeling negative for any social involvement, work, or challenge. Fear of facing the crowd for doing so.

• Rare compliments for other people don’t affect them, they don’t believe the person and assume they’re lying.

• Losing the strength of doing challenges and fearing to try it again.

• Fear of perfectionism, thinking about judgment of other people about their work and if they have done it perfect or not.

• Lacking the self-care behavior and adapting self-harm.

• Thinking about getting everything at once or nothing at all. If didn’t get everything then not trying to achieve half of the success.

• Jumping to negative conclusions. Thinking about negative endings for everything and panicking.

Low self-esteem pressurizes your mind, and leads you to uncertain mental issues like depression or anxiety. People often try to find a way to cope up with it and adapt bad habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol. This overpowers their fears and their self-doubts. They start thinking that only these adaptations can help them to ignore the problem and cope.

Boosting your low self-esteem is not easy, it needs time and care. It’s crucial to be weak mentally. It is a hard and mentally exhausting process to overcome this, but it can cure the situation. We need to identify the causes first to find cures. Being aware of the mental pressure and understanding the seriousness of the situation is the first to step to look at. Removing negative thoughts and adapting positive vibes make it easier to understand.

Triggering causes of low self-esteem.

Spent unhappy childhood. Not having loving parents and supportive teachers. Sometimes it could be because of negotiating relatives, friends, or any other person they are close to.

• Not being able to perform well in school and getting teased and bullied by other students, teachers or even their own parents pressurizes their minds, and they start losing their self-esteem.

• Being in a financial crisis since childhood, not being able to help their parents or themselves by providing daily needs. This puts pressure on their mind, and they feel low in front of rich and wealthy people.

• Suffering from medical illness or any physical disability, fear of facing the healthy crowd and their judgement.

• Having mental issues like anxiety or depression to deal with, makes it harder to boost confidence and think right in every situation.

• Judgement of people is the most effected reason for low self-esteem. A single negative comment from another person can drop the confidence of a person lower.

At first, people start avoiding challenges, avoid facing the situations which makes them feel safe. They hide from handling serious circumstances due to their constant lowering self-esteem. Which is absolutely not a healthy adaptation. Declining all the social events, family functions, and outings with friends are showing their withdrawal from society. Canceling their schedules and plans with close people.

They can overcome this mental pressure. Boost their self-esteem by positive behavior, a positive mindset, and supporting friends and family.

Boosting your self-esteem.

Talk to yourself positively. Don’t let negative thoughts spread in your mind.

• Stop comparing yourselves to other people, their strength, beauty, wealth, or power should not affect your mindset and get any depressing thought.

• Be aware of the positive people, and stay around them only. Stay away from negative and judgmental people and their negative thought. Don’t let their comments affect you. Be positive and supportive of yourself.

• Acknowledge your talent and good qualities and give time to them, give time to yourself. Don’t feel bad if you are not good enough, just practice and try to make it better.

• some people have had high self-esteem once but now it’s lowered because of some incident that happened in the past. And they are unable to overcome their past. They keep remembering their past and affect their mental health. Forgetting your past will help to increase your self-esteem.

• Exercise and meditation can help boost your self-confidence. Going for morning walks, meditating, yoga, and physical exercises can help calm your mind and help you relax.


It’s easy to lower your self-esteem and believe that your qualities, your body, abilities, and passion are not enough and are worthless. It’s not easy to constantly try to change the way you look and not getting appropriate results even after trying so hard.

People fail but learn from their failures and retry till they achieve success. Don’t give up everything if you failed once, don’t let people’s harmful judgments, comments affect you. Keep yourself fit and stay around positive, supportive, and loving people.

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