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Lo fi music: Why aesthetic Lo fi music is becoming popular amongst the Indian Youtube audience!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Ever experienced working on your office tasks, listening to some imperfect music that fits perfectly to the situation and helps you to focus on your work? Quite unreal to imagine actually. But, yes there is a genre of music which helps you in concentrating on your work, keeps you relaxed and maintains a happy flow while working. It's the magic of Lo fi music. The booming of Lo fi sounds all over YouTube indeed indicates towards the increasing popularity of aesthetic lo fi sounds amongst the Internet audience. 

Whether you need focus while studying or need relaxation after a monotonous hectic day, Lo fi is there for you. Lo fi music channels on YouTube are seeing a massive increase in the number of subscriptions in recent days. The world came to know about the existence of this magical genre of music as millions of students, office goers and coders all over the world started using this genre of music to increase focus, as a mode of relaxation and as a perfect companion while working.

The ongoing lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic all over the world has changed the way we think about our surroundings, our worldview and the way we work. Majority of MNCs opted for remote working during this period. This period of lockdown has been quite depressing though. Working remotely staying in front of a computer screen for hours is actually tough. Millions of people worldwide are using lo fi sounds as their sole companion while working, thinking or relaxing.

What is Lo fi music?

Lo fi stands for low fidelity( or low quality) sounds. It's an imperfect form of music. Lo fi comes with a retro vibe with modern beats and arrangements. What makes a lo fi composition unique are the background noises. The imperfections during recording, unique beats and the chilling vibes are what separate this genre of music from others. Now Lo fi sounds are massively available on YouTube. Most of the tracks are broken pieces of the original compositions with unique arrangements in between to perfectly match your mood. Lo fi sounds are now coming with a lot of variations for different moods like exercising, relaxing, studying and daydreaming.

Why is lo fi music becoming popular among the Indian YouTube audience?

The recent nationwide lockdown introduced the concept of remote working, leading almost all companies to end up opting for work from home option. Lo fi music is not a new thing in the ocean of YouTube. But, this genre never got the hype of such before. Staying inside a home and working remotely is full of boredom. Loneliness, stress and anxiety are a bonus with it. Lo fi songs are perfect escapes from this. As these songs are a collection of natural sounds and real time noises, these songs offer a realistic social experience. 

Lo fi music makers are now getting what they always deserved, recognition. Lo fi sounds for relaxation, sleeping and working can easily be found on YouTube. Depending on your mood, you can now play a lo fi playlist of your choice and enjoy the magical journey.

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