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“Let’s go to therapy.” ~ A FlyingPepper Initiative.

A fact which is reaching many out there “Therapy is for everyone!” is the truth. I gave it my first thought when I was in college, pursuing my master’s program. It was when I didn’t know what was going wrong with me. Why was I feeling so much pain? Why did I have too many flashbacks? What caused them and how should I cope with the issues they were causing to me? All of these questions remained unanswered. And then, a friend, who was a perfect angel for me, introduced me to an idea that could be the best for my symptoms and sufferings- “A Therapy Session”.

She educated me about it and asked me to visit a therapist. I didn't give it a second thought and started finding the best therapist near my location. I went to the hospital with my friend where I had my first appointment with the therapist. It was for the first time I was going for a therapy session. I was a little nervous about it.

Let’s go to therapy
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I always had an image of the therapist dealing with higher mental disorder clients but not with somebody like me. In my first session, I was quiet, blank. I had a feeling that I lacked words. I had so much in my mind but I was holding them back. However, things changed for me and I didn’t continue this way. I joined therapy sessions to get my symptoms treated but it added so many valuable things to my life. When I had my last session with the therapist, I was serene. I felt a sense of joy and happiness. It’s been so long since I went to another therapy session and I still feel the same.

I couldn’t believe that only fifteen sessions of therapy could change your mind so drastically.

But what actually took place in therapy sessions? This question was asked by many people with whom I shared my story. I have heard people saying “Oh counseling and therapy! Don’t spend so much on them.” “Therapists just talk and listen to you! “Share with me. I will listen to you.” “Why do you need therapy? You look perfectly alright!” “Talk to your uncle. He will offer you great life lessons.” Let me tell you a secret. I would say! Therapists don’t offer you anything from the things you hear people imposing on you! Therapy is a positive and way more beautiful way to treat people like us who have so much in their minds. We want someone to listen to us way more empathetically. We want someone to show nonjudgment towards us. We want someone who can take us on a journey of self-improvement and empowerment. And yes, we are lucky enough to have them! We have therapists who are so well trained to treat us way more optimistically. They offer so much in each session we have with them, in their best way.

My therapist had so much to offer me. She gave me a space where I could speak and let my thoughts come out. She took me through several therapeutic activities and mental health exercises which really helped me in multiple ways. She offered me “a homework chart” which really kept me going. She motivated me in a way that helped me in building my confidence. Because of those sessions, I became more assertive and open-minded.

I would say, my mental health has struggled a lot and today I am doing so well with my life. From my personal experience, I just say “Don’t ignore the symptoms you have been observing for a long time! Go to therapy, let your life get back on track in a more sensible way.” And like me, you will also do the best in your life.

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