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Landour Mussoorie: The peanut butter capital of India. 

Getting a constant urge of going to some serene locations to escape from the boring monotonous daily life cycle is so common amongst the millennials. Instead of going to a crowded tourist spot, giving a visit to an offbeat serene mountain destination is certainly a better choice and what can be a better option than going to Landour, an offbeat location near Mussoorie, mostly famous as the peanut butter capital of India.

Landour, Mussoorie

Where is Landour?

Landour is a small town near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand mostly famous for its unique small town vibes and the old British connections. This old cantonment town of British era still holds the old town vibes with utmost serenity and calmness surrounding it. Walking on the mountain roads surrounded by picturesque lush greeneries, seeing the Sunset in the Dunn valley and to taste some local delicacies at Landour bakehouse should definitely be in the priority list while visiting Landour. 

Char dukan:

Char Dukan is a collection of four shops in Sisters bazar near the parade ground in Landour. These shops have been there since the time of British era. Only thing that has changed is that there are six shops now instead of four. This place has been visited by many famous personalities so far including Sachin Tendulkar. Four shops and twenty four houses that define the place. Anil’s cafe, a perfect place to have ginger lemon honey tea and maggie and omelette in char dukan, is nearly 60 years old.

The peanut butter capital of India:

Landour is known as the peanut butter capital of India. Prakash store in Sister’s Bazar is famous for its homemade peanut butter and cheese all over India. A simple grocery store founded in 1928, the peanut butter and cheese of Prakash’s store is some of the best in the country. When Britishers were about to leave India, they sold their peanut butter making equipment to Prakash’s family and soon Landour became the peanut butter capital of India.

Rokeby Manor:

Rokeby Manor is a British colonial era building converted into a luxury hotel now. Though most of the travellers don't prefer to stay in Landour because of the high price ranges in the hotels, this place is a worth visit. A British country style hotel, the Rokeby Manor still holds the vibes of the old 19th century British era. If you are visiting Landour, this place should definitely be in your choice list.

La Villa Bethany:

Nestled amidst the wooded greeneries of Landour, this luxury boutique hotel consists of 6 old English style cottages named after the founders of Landour and Mussoorie. Owned by the Kudle family, every room of this hotel, be it Capt Young’s dining room, Mackinnon’s study, Pahari Wilson’s cabin and Royal gardens holds the vibes of the colonial era. If you are planning to stay in Landour during your visit, this place can be a great choice.


Modern lifestyle demands focus, hard work and consistency. It's quite obvious to get frustrated during the process. Taking some days out from your daily schedule to stay in the mountains is the best way of relaxing. Landour is a place very few are aware of. An offbeat destination, Landour is a great option for a mountain escape and a good choice for workation too.

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