• Nitul

Jobs after college:Why you shouldn't join a job just after your college

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

To join a job after college is a dream of every college student.After studying so hard for 4 years in college ,they have a dream to join a job just after college.During college life, almost everyone prepare for college placements with an aim to join a reputed farm with good package.Nobody is actually aware of the situations they may have to go through once they join a job.

Nobody in India will ever suggest you to not join a job after college that you got in college placement.The mindset of Indian middle class society revolves around study, job,marriage and death.Everyone wants you to follow this pre defined formula to prove yourself as a successful person.

Before going for college placements, read the following points on why you shouldn't join a job just after your college.

All points are created considering your joining at any of the following domains.

1.The typical service based IT job(Not considering the Product based companies)

2.The mediocre PSU job.

3.The high end PSU job.

1.Laziness:Laziness will be your best friend once you start working for a company.This is the age to be super active in everything both physically and mentally.Being at a job with super comfort will make you super lazy.You will become less ambitious, less motivated and less focussed on your future.You have been working so hard throughout your academic life and therefore once you get a job of such kind just after your college, you want to relax.Once this turns into a habit,it becomes very difficult to come over it.

2.Ambitions:You will become less ambitious once you are in a comfortable job. In college, everyone wants to do something that will create a high value to the society.But,in a high end job due to stability, laziness and maybe due to frustration, you start becoming less ambitious.You start adjusting with the environment and finally got stuck in the job.

3.Toxicity and Mental health:When you are the junior most of your department, you will be facing a lot of discrimination,humiliation,illogical back talks and a hell lot of lobby politics. As a fresher, it effects a lot on your mental health.You start hating your domain, your job and sometimes your life too.This is a big reason to not join a job just after college.