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It’s never too late - the KFC story.

Have you seen people blaming others or the past circumstances for what they are today? Have you seen people worrying about being too late at something and leaving? Have you seen people putting in hours at a job they don’t like but not stopping to see it through?

The KFC Story
Source: Unsplash

We have all been there. We have all faced several failures and left something out of the blues. Throughout history, humans have gotten rejected and failed while trying to be or do something. Hereby, we are presenting you the KFC story today.


The KFC story inspired millions across the world today to take risks, explore and dream big. Starting with a man named Colonel Sanders, it all started in the United States. A young

child born to a simple middle class family, Colonel was living a happy life.

His father was a great man who worked at the farms. They shared a good bond and it was all nice. One day, out of sudden, his father came back home with high fever. All of the family members including his mom, younger brother and sister were worried. Before Colonel Sanders could even realise what’s happening, his father was no longer with him anymore.

This dulled the lives of all the family members. They faced struggles after struggles and there seemed no hope. His mother started tailoring and working at a factory soon. Colonel Sanders was just 5 when his dad’s unfortunate demise took place. And now at 7, he had to learn cooking to feed his younger siblings in the absence of their mother.


He learned to cook several things and he became pretty good at it. But life was still hard. At 10, he started working on farmland helping others. He had to leave school when he was in grade 6 and work full time due to poor circumstances. This went on for years. With several rejections and failures after one another, life became extremely hopeless.


Mr. Colonel would sometimes do the work of a conductor, armyman, cleaner etc. What was fascinating about him was the fact that he wanted to land on the thing he really liked. No rejection or failure made him feel he needs to just do the work

anyway. He was still exploring and searching. This is what makes the great people great.

Losing hope at difficult times is one of the first things that can happen or you can do to yourself. But Colonel Sanders chose the opposite. He became more curious about work and different job profiles and ventured into more. Working day and night at 18, he fell in love and got married soon. He started living along with his wife and three children with a job. But that too was gone in the next moment. He got fired.

Yes! Rejected again. He studied law, moved across places and juggled with careers. At times, he would also feel that he finally arrived at the right thing. But soon, he would realise it ain’t. He

shifted from doing different things at 30, 35 and even 40. In today’s times, we have a framework of ages. Our society believes we need to be settled by 30. But here is a man juggling at 30 just to know about his likings and passion. Just to know where he belongs. And soon he succeeded.

The KFC Story
Source: Unsplash


Soon, he started serving food through a small service station. Everyone loved his recipes and came to have them again. His business started growing bit by bit every single day. He finally knew what it is that he is really good at and that he likes to do.

In life, we may come across a lot of things that we are good at which creates a dilemma. Dilemma of what it is that you really like. But, if you also find something that you are happy to do then that is the right place. Mr. Colonel knew this and he kept finding happiness. At a time when people give up hope and choose to slide into the resting phase, he tried even harder.

And this brought him magic. Today KFC is a global food restaurant serving millions. If you think you are late at things, you must know you aren’t. It's never too late to do what you

really like. To explore and find your soul’s voice. Hence, keep learning, keep searching, keep doing. You will discover the magic eventually.

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