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Indian salon:Indian barbars will make you feel nostalgic when you go to a salon this time

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Indian salons are not just limited to only hair cutting,they offer you a unique set of experiences.Old 90s hindi songs are integral part of an Indian salon.A typical Indian salon is incomplete without the vibe of 90s hindi songs playing at the background.Cheap yet effective massage,trending haircuts at low price with old 90s hindi songs playing at the background create a nostalogic vibe all together.

An Indian barbar does everything to attract customers to his salon like installing TV set at the salon for watching cricket matches and playing your favourite old 90s songs to make you feel nostalogic about the good old days.

The vibe inside an Indian  salon is same all across the country may be due to the songs played at the background or the typical Indian barbars with all the special skills. 

These songs are part an parcel of an Indian salon.From metro cities to most remote areas of the country, you will find these songs being played at the background of an Indian salon.

These songs can make any 90s kid nostalogic about the good old days.

1. Dil hai ki maanta nhi:

2.Ek ladki ko dekha:

3.Mera dil bhi Kita Payal hai:

4:Tumse Milna:

5.Kisi se tüm pyaar kro:

6.Dil toh pagal hai:

7.Pardesi Pardesi:

8.Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se:

9.Jiye toh jiye keise:

10.Tere Naam hymne kia hai:

11.Aaye ho meri zindegi mein:

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