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How to start writing a blog?

Writing is a great way of exploring yourself. In a world where short video contents and podcasts are becoming highly popular amongst the millennials, blogging seems to be dead in 2021. However, there is still scope in blogging. The scene is a lot more different though. But how to start writing a blog? Don't worry, we are not going to share any cliche and clickbait tips. Here we will discuss our own experiences and understanding about writing a blog. So, Stay tuned.

How to start writing a blog and earn money?
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Writing demands reading. Blogging is not at all a formula based practise as explained in the majority of YouTube videos. The kind of content you consume regularly gets reflected in your writing. It's a skill and like any other skills, it can be acquired. The only thing that is needed is patience. As it's a very slow process, you have to devote a lot of time besides being consistent. Most of the millennials who opt for blogging quit after not seeing any kind of result after some time. It's a game of patience and perseverance. How you play is all that matters.

How to write a blog and make money?

This is one of the mostly asked queries on google search. Anyone who ever attempts blogging, this question definitely comes to their mind at least once.

But what I feel is monetary achievement is a byproduct of consistent and directional hard work. It's a secondary issue. However, monetization is highly important to survive and grow.

But if you are blogging just focussing on monetary achievements, it's not gonna work at all. A perfectly optimised and well written blog takes some time to perform well. Generally the time gap is 4-6 months. Majority of bloggers quit after 2-3 months of not getting any views and ranking. It's a game of patience and being consistent is the only way to perform well.

How to start writing a blog?

1. Compatibility:

Anything or anywhere you work, the first thing that matters is ‘Compatibility’. If you are not compatible with your job, with your workplace, you will never get a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction working there. Same goes with blogging. Majority of millennials start blogging just by looking at its monetary benefits. It's the wrong way of approaching. First thing you have to ask yourself is ‘will I be able to do it 24× 7 even if no monetary benefit comes?’ If your answer is a ‘Yes’, then Congratulations! You are compatible with blogging. Just keep working hard consistently.

2. Finding your niche:

The internet is flooded with contents from almost every possible niche. Billions of blogs are available out there on any niche so it becomes highly difficult to get success. You will find experts on the Internet suggesting to go with micro niches. Sounds great. But when you attempt any micro niche, two things can happen. Either there is a possible chance of less number of blogs or a less number of audience. In most of the cases, the second one satisfies. In that case, you wont get any monetary or traffic related benefits.

It's difficult to find a niche if you are focussing on only the monetary benefits.

There are two approaches you can opt for while starting a blogging website; vertical and horizontal. Starting with a micro niche and expanding later or starting with some relatable niches and try to make it a success. Most sites opt for the first approach. However the second one also works if you can pull it off properly.

The best way of finding your niche is to go with your interests or the intersection of your interests. However the intersection of your interests will itself create a micro niche.

3. Conceptualisation:

Now you have a niche and you are compatible with it. The next thing appears is conceptualisation. It's a result of visualisation. The way you think, the views you hold and the flow of thoughts that runs in your mind get reflected in your writing.

Always visualise prior to starting writing. Having an excerpt ready in your mind will help you in explaining better through your writing. Self talk helps a lot in articulating properly. If you are looking for tips on how to write a blog, there is none. No tips work unless you can conceptualise well on whatever the topic you are going to write.

4. Research:

It doesn't matter how well you write if nobody reads your contents. If nobody finds your blogs on the Internet, there is no value in how good you write. Google algorithm has become very smart. Don't think that you will be able to fool the algorithm by writing anything by maintaining a high keyword density. That might work 10 years back from now. But no way there is any chance to get higher ranking in 2021. Very well written contents with highly optimised seo has some chance to get some traffic but that too not a surety. Backlinks and other off page factors come into play. In a nutshell it's extremely difficult to rank your blog in 2021 but not impossible.

Topic research and keyword research are the most crucial part of a blog writing. Firstly you have to look after the impression matrix, relevance and the volume of the topic you are going to choose for writing on. The second element comes from keyword research. Without proper keyword research, you can never get any traffic from Google. Finding high volume, low competition, high CPC keywords is important. Otherwise there is no point of maintaining a blog.

5. Articulation:

Articulation is an art and very few can master it. After getting the optimised keywords, now it's up to you how well you can organise the blog. Keyword optimization and other seo angles are a different thing. Those are important factors but the more important factor is how well you can explain your thoughts with your audience. Otherwise, your blog may rank in the first page but the bounce rate will be more which will eventually bring down your ranking.

6. Interactive:

Now you have started writing the blog. Things are going fine as of now. You are explaining your thoughts, knowledge through your writing and expecting to have a high viewership. Sounds cool. But one simple tip you can follow here. Instead of explaining in an essay format, you can try to make it as a conversational or just a free flowing talk kind of style. Use proper explanatory images along with funny gifs in between your blog. If you can make it a bit witty or humorous, that's better.


Did we answer ‘How to start writing a blog?’ i think so. Frankly saying, there is no perfect tip. It's a journey. You will learn only if you try. Theoretical knowledge is useless here. It's a skill and you can definitely learn it but with consistent practise. But How to earn money by writing blogs? That will be a different chapter. But with consistent directional hard work, you can surely achieve success in blogging.

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