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How platforms like ‘teacher pay teachers’ prove that there is no scarcity of ideas!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Has everything been tried out? Is there no scope for any new idea? These two questions might have come to your mind while thinking about starting something new. From the days of the dot com revolution to this day of writing this article in 2021, almost everything in every possible sector has been tried out in abundance. But is there seriously scarcity of new ideas? The answer is definitely a big NO. The success story of the platform called ‘teacher pay teachers’ will counter your every myth regarding scarcity of ideas.

Teacher Pay Teachers
Source: Unsplash

From the days of the dot com revolution, technology has touched everyone either directly or indirectly. Everything has been tried out. Gap is so little for any new ideas to succeed. That's the reality. You can win either by introducing a new technology that becomes relevant for the common users or by flowing smoothly through the gaps. Clubhouse is a perfect example of introduction of new technology at the right time with a high relevance. An audio only app which is launched only with the invite only option for joining has created such a high level of FOMO amongst the tech professionals, founders and others. That's the beauty of technology. Clubhouse played the game very well at both of the fronts; at introducing a new technology & at flowing smartly through the gaps.

Education technology is one of the segments that saw a very high growth during the lockdown period. Most of the famous names of Edtech in India became unicorns during this period of time. The future of education is going to be very different. A hybrid system of education structure we may start seeing in coming years leading to a completely virtual form of education.

What is ‘teacher pay teachers’?

As cited on their official website, ‘Teacher pay Teachers’ is a marketplace of educational items where teachers buy and sell educational materials. As per their website, they are the world’s most popular marketplace of educational resources. Teacher pay teachers was founded by Paul Edelman who was a high school teacher in New York. At present, this platform has over 3 millions of educational resources listed on it with over 5 millions of teachers.

Teacher pay teachers proves that there is no scarcity of ideas!

College students often find themselves struggling with ideas. Startups are becoming like guitars now. Everyone wants to have one. Nothing bad in that though. The problem is most of them are just following the crowd without even knowing whether it's their passion or not. They get attracted by the fame side of the unicorn founders and forget to look at the struggle that every founder goes through. Only someone passionate about their ideas will survive in the long run.

So is there a real scarcity in new ideas? This question may come to you if you are still in college and are surrounded by startup guys. There was a time T-Shirt merchandise was used to be the hottest startups in engineering colleges across the country. AlmaMater was probably the first company in India that got very famous almost 10 years back. Soon every engineering college in this country started seeing t-shirt merchandise startups. This is happening right now also. Most of the startups that are started as a part of the showing off culture are just the simple copy pastes of some successful unicorns. Why is this happening? Have all the problems been solved? Definitely not. So why are there not enough innovative ideas coming up? This is the question you must ask yourself today itself if you are a startup founder.

They probably want to play it safe. But entrepreneurship is not a safe playing game. If you cannot take risks, you should leave it. This is not for you then. Just give it a thought.

Now coming to the ‘Teacher pay Teachers’ idea. Even in the era of the Edtech revolution, they managed to play through the gaps. There is never any scarcity of ideas. Whether you have to play it with new technology or play through the gaps.


You don't need to think about starting once you get the best idea. Find the problem and create a solution for it. This is what startups are all about. The best startup business is the one which was started as a solution to some problem. The larger the people facing the problem, the more is the reach of the startup. Teacher pay teachers is a great idea and now they are the largest network of teachers dealing with educational resources.

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