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Goa beach, India: Why you should include Gokarna over Goa on your bucket list for your next trip.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Gokarna with its serene, calm and beautiful beaches can be your next choice for a beach holiday over the crowded beaches of Goa. Beaches in Gokarna are the new favorites of beach lovers in India. With the picturesque landscapes and calm and pristine beaches, Gokarna is turned into a hub of the beach lovers. Gokarna means “ear of cow'' is a town in the South Indian state Karnataka which even has its mentions in the Hindu mythology books

Gokarna beach
Image source: Unplash

Goa has always been the first choice of tourists for beach holidays in India. Beaches in Goa are no doubt are amongst the most sought after in the world but they are extremely crowded and highly overvisited. The South Indian town Gokarna in the state of Karnataka has now emerged as a new choice for beach vacations in the country. Beaches in Gokarna are seeing attention from tourists from India as well as from abroad because of their pristine condition, calmness, serenity and picturesque landscapes. 

Where is Gokarna?

Gokarna, a Hindu pilgrimage town is located in the South Indian state Karnataka. This coastal town is famous for seven important Hindu pilgrimage centres including the famous Mahabaleswara temple of Lord Shiva that is believed to be the house of the original image of Lord Shiva’s Anantalinga which has its mentions in Hindu mythology. 

Beaches in Gokarna
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Gokarna had always been the host of tourists visiting for devotional purposes until western tourists started coming to this coastal town for the unexplored beaches. With its getting popularity for the serene picturesque beaches, Gokarna has now turned into a great choice for beach holidays over the highly crowded, overhyped beaches in Goa. 

Why Gokarna? Beaches in Gokarna: Things to do in Gokarna:

For a chilled and laid back vacation, these offbeat, serene and pristine beaches in Gokarna should definitely be in your bucket list.

1. Om beach: Named for its Om shaped appearance which is actually formed due to a geographical design of two adjacent caves, this beach is a favorite of the backpackers, travellers and beach lovers. A very long beach with rocky surface and serene nature is a must visit. The view of the sunset at the Arabian sea from the top of the rocks is peaceful to watch. One can go for rock climbing to gaze at the magical views of the Arabian sea with the sun setting at the horizon.

Beaches in Gokarna
Om beach, Gokarna

2. Kundle beach: One of the last hippie outposts in India, this beautiful beach in Gokarna can be reached by hiking only. This beach has seen an increase in the numbers of western visitors in recent years. It's very common to see Westerners doing yoga and tai chi during the time of sunset here. Wal