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Funny truck slogans you see on Indian roads

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Indian and Pakistani trucks have always been known for their unique designs. The truck owners in India design their trucks with funny, creative, inspirational, and interesting slogans in the most unique way possible. Road trips in India are totally different from other countries. Along with the roadside views, many things are bonus like the truck slogans written on the backside of trucks. In India and Pakistan region, trucks are like homes for drivers. They stay on trucks, eat on trucks for many days depending on the locations they are delivering their consignments.

India has a huge network of trucks that connect all the remote and urban locations of the country. Indian trucks carry supplies of foods, goods, and other day-to-day necessary items to all parts of the country including food and other consignments for the armed forces.

During a road trip in the Indian subcontinent region, trucks are the most seen vehicle on roads and so are their slogans.

From the famous 'Buri najarwale tera much kala' to 'Has mat pagli par ho jayega', many slogans can be seen on Indian trucks which can uplift your mood at any time.

1. The typical 'buri nazawale tera muh kala':

2. Has mat pagli par ho jayega:


3. Some funny lines spotted on a truck somewhere in India.

4. Again some interesting lines:

5. Truck owners never fail to impress us with their creative slogans

6. Some drivers try to show their driving skills with such slogans:

7. The image may be blurry but the line was 'sher ka picha Karna bekar hai'

8. Dekho magar pyar se:

9. Some motivating lines:

10. Enjoy the lines:


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