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Free job alert 2021: Don't fall in the trap of fast job search.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Millennials often fall into the trap of fast job search. In a country like India where the traditional mindset always endorses Jobs or more precisely government jobs as a perfect way of defining success, millennials have to pay the price after commencing their work. Don't fall into this trap of job hunting. Research well, learn skills, and be independent even from your college life. This era demands that.

In a country like India, competition is really very tough. Jobs become the default choice of many middle-class college kids due to the responsibility to support their families. With the introduction of the knowledge economy, freelancing, and the Internet; a certain percent of middle-class kids are now opting for many offbeat choices but still, the majority has to go for jobs because of their monetary restrictions. Keywords like ‘Sarkari job find’, ‘free job alert 2021’and ‘fast job search’ are still being searched at a volume of 100k in Google from different parts of the country. What does it indicate? It indicates basically two things. First of all, such a high search for jobs indicates the scarcity and high demand for jobs amongst the millennials. Secondly, this indicates the rat race amongst the millennials for hunting jobs.

Fast job alert
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Don't fall into the trap of Jobs:

Nobody will tell you to not opt for a job in this country. It's a necessity in most middle-class homes. But yes, we no longer need to keep our mindset limited to just having a job after college. The Internet appears as a rescue here.

Being able to do something that you genuinely love doing and to be able to work on your own terms is a blessing. The true meaning of financial independence is when you are earning sufficiently to sustain yourself without having any need to report anyone.

The saga of fast job search:

The 90s revolution changed the job scene completely. Many new-age career options emerged with the revolution. The IT sector saw a big boom in this country afterward. Presently the startup scene is seeing a big push with the shifting of the mindset of the Indian millennials. The old school choices are still there but millennials are now following their hearts while opting for any job. The meaning of a successful career is different from person to person. You cannot tell someone to be more successful just by looking at his or her package. What we are missing as a society is not endorsing happiness as a sign of success. It's always better to be happy riding a bicycle than crying inside a Lamborghini.

Don't fall into the trap of fast job search:

India is witnessing the startup boom at present. Every college kid now wants to have his/her own startup. Almost all the sectors are flooded with countless startups. This is a nice sign for a developing country like India. A country can be led towards development and prosperity not only by the government. Entrepreneurs define the fate of a country’s progress. Everything and every sector are important. But the overhype is the problem.

1. Prioritize happiness:

India is a status-driven society. A status-driven society always keeps status above the happiness index. It's a never-ending loop. Most of the millennials get attracted by fat paychecks and lavish lifestyles. They just opt for something without even asking themselves about the compatibility. They later get frustrated in their jobs trying to do anything to move out. It's high time for us to prioritize happiness over any materialistic goals. In the end, happiness is real success.

2. Reject the myth:

“A government job is a sign of stability and success that no other career path can ever offer”. This is the biggest myth that is running in middle-class Indian societies. It's high time to reject that. A typical government job is nothing but a waste of talent, a waste of your potential, and toxic boss culture. It's time to keep happiness at the top of your priority list. Find something you genuinely love doing, be better at it every day so that you can sell it and then monetize. This is the ultimate formula of success.

3. Compatibility:

Compatibility is the only thing that defines the most of your probability of being successful in a particular domain. If you are not compatible with your work, there is no point in trying to adjust to it. It's high time to resign and start something that you genuinely love doing. Remember, happiness should always be kept at priority while choosing to be at any job or domain.


Real financial independence is not like being at a job and living by depending on paycheque to paycheque. Real financial independence comes when you can sustain yourself without the need to follow anyone's instructions. Don't fall into the trap of Sbi career, fast job search, or other such keywords. Find your passion and build something out of it.

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