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First days of school: Why we should revisit our old school days in our memory lane.

How introverted you used to be, school life is still the best memory you have so far in your memory lane. We don't realise the importance of our school life while being at schools. We start feeling nostalgic about all the moments once we pass out from our schools. The first days of school are very unique. Whether it's the very first day of your school life or the last days of your school, some incidents always remain as the best moments in our memory lane and revisiting them eventually leads us back to the good old times.

First days of school
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Life is a race. Throughout our life we keep fighting whether for academic goals or for career goals. We often forget ourselves, our past, previous achievements and all the emotional attachments while being busy running after all the materialistic goals. It's quite necessary to take some rest in between and to revisit all the moments we have come across so far. Learning from the past mistakes is the best way to move forward with the right attitude in the right direction.

Schools are the first ever social institutions we come across in our lives. For the first time we get introduced to a bunch of strangers who become part of our circle for life. Our thought process, approach, social skills and worldviews start developing during these days of school. It doesn't matter how many days in a school year you actually go to school. Once you get enrolled into a school, you are connected emotionally, socially and mentally to the school culture.

We humans have a very bad nature. We never realise the value of something during its time. We only start realising the importance of it once it is over. While being at schools, we never realise the value and importance of the time we are having. Only after passing out from schools we start feeling the connection, we feel the nostalgia while revisiting the golden days.

It's quite necessary to revisit the good old days of our school life:

School days are the most unique days of our life. It's the first step towards getting introduced to the world. We meet a lot of genuine people during these days of schools. Throughout life whether personal, academics or professional, we meet a lot of people. But the people you meet during your school life are the most genuine people you ever meet in your life. Live these moments, explore the school life and be happy.

1. Meet your younger self:

Don't worry. You don't need a time machine for that. And most importantly you don't have to put any effort for that. Human brain is a very unique organ. It often takes you back to your golden old days. Just feel how much you have grown, how far you have come across and how much you have experienced throughout this journey so far. Some moments always stick to our mind for life. The first days of school are one such kind of moment we always feel nostalgic while remembering them.

2. Relive the moments:

The best thing about nostalgia is you can relive all the past moments. All the related events start playing in front of you once you revisit a particular moment. Generally some major events that come to our mind like the first days of school or the fun and enjoyment we used to do towards the last days of our school life while revisiting back to the good old days in the memory lane. These old moments give us a sense of progress, happiness and make us feel alive again.

3. Fun and Enjoyment:

School life is the most beautiful part of our life. This is the time we are free from worries, tension and other kinds of life responsibilities. You shouldn't keep yourself away from enjoying and taking part in all the fun and other school activities. Academics is important but these activities will build your personality. Spots and other group activities help you in developing your interpersonal skills, leadership skills and other highly required social skills. You won't feel the nostalgia remembering your exam days but your social activities and events you took part in during your school days.


It doesn't matter how many days in a school year you go to your school. The thing that matters is how much memories you create during your school days. Whether you are from a fancy convent school or a village government school, the first days of school are always special. If you are still in school, you still have time. Try to utilise the best out of these days. It doesn't matter how many days left of school, you can still utilise it in a very productive way. Make connections, experience life and stay happy. These connections will be very helpful in your life later on.

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