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Example of how to write an article.

Thanks for landing here. And congratulations! You are on the right track. Just be consistent. Now don't ask me how I can know about your progress. That's a secret but yes, you can thank ‘Google Baba’ for that.

Like most of the writing skills like content writing, copy writing etc, article writing too is a highly demanded skill as per the present scenario. Frankly saying there is no such perfect tips on how to write an article format. The quality of your article depends on how well read you are, how confident you are on that particular topic and how well you can articulate your thoughts through your writing. That may be the reason why I couldn't find any perfect example of how to write an article.

Any kind of creative skill demands a fresh mind. Whether you are writing blogs or writing copies; a calm, fresh mind is the utmost essential. Article writing is a bit different. A brief knowledge about the topic is essential along with creativity. However, there is no perfect example of how to write an article.

There are some related answers on the Internet but I couldn't find any blog targeting this topic sharply. There are definitely countless tips on how to write an article over the Internet. But no one is focusing on the background of article writing. In this article we are not going to touch the technical part of article writing. We will focus on the approach, flow, articulation and the overall philosophy of article writing. So, stay tuned.

How to write an article format?

The first step of writing an article is to visualise followed by creating the format. It's always better to have a clear view of whatever you are going to write prior to starting writing.

1. The Format:

The format will decide the flow of the article. You should have the approach ready in your mind followed by finalising the format. An article’s readability depends a lot on the format you are choosing while writing. However the format is dependent on your approach. Some articles are best in the point format, some are best suited in the paragraph format whereas some are best as a hybrid of both. Don't search for tips on how to write an article format. Ask yourself, then analyse and finalise the best format for your article depending on your approach.

2. The Approach:

The approach depends on your target and purpose. For whom you are writing and why you are writing. The approach will be totally different for an article written for academic/research purpose from an article written for a mass social media audience. Let's assume that we are writing for a social media audience. Here comes the role of approach. You have to look after the engagement matrix here along with proper articulation. How will the engagement improve? The question arises. The answer is by making it more interactive. Now how will you make it more interactive? We can opt for a conversational format asking questions in between and answering them or including attractive relatable and explanatory images along with gifs. This will increase the attention span of your audience along with engagement.

3. Articulation and explanation:

You might have noticed while searching for any queries, in most of the cases, news websites are shown as the top search results. When you compare any article published in a news website to one published in a normal blog, you can spot the difference in approach. A news site just focuses on informing you with an explanation whereas a blog focuses on giving you an interactive experience through writing, explanation and other matrices. Here comes the role of articulation. How much you know or how well you are aware of anything, nothing matters if you fail to articulate it properly. So, try to improve the articulation angle.


How you write is important but at the end it is the quality of your content. What you deliver is highly important. So, try to give value through your contents. Most of the queries on google search are about how to write an article for newspapers, how to get paid for writing articles and how to write an article for money? The thing is that your philosophy of writing will be the same irrespective of any language. So the way you write articles in english, similar will be the approach while writing for Hindi but yes the audience will be different. In the context of earning money by writing articles, one thing I can say is that it's tough. If you are writing as a freelancer, then you may earn some depending on your skill but if you are running a blog, the scene is really tough. SEO is very slow, adsense is useless and affiliations also depend a lot on traffic and for your information, getting traffic in 2021 is extremely tough as competition is extremely high.


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