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Everything you need to know about the Arrival Fallacy.

For every human being in this world, destinations seem much fancier than journeys. We all constantly chase different things thinking once we reach there, we will find utmost happiness or any kind of ‘ULTIMATUM’. This makes us juggle from one place to another and then to another and then to the next. This is also what keeps people hooked to achieving things after things while increasing the void in them. It primarily empties their bodies in the long run.

For instance, various people set a goal of buying a vehicle for them. To be more specific, they might aim for a two-wheeler at first. They put all their efforts, will, and energy to buy that particular vehicle and once they get it, they find a rush of happiness. But this happiness lasts for an extremely shorter period of time. As soon as this particular target is achieved and the person loses happiness, he or she tends to set another target. This aim can be to buy a four-wheeler next. Some people might shift the arenas of goals as well. From vehicles to houses, to jewelry, to clothes to luxuries, and so on.

Arrival Fallacy

This forms a huge toxic chain of chasing materialism. Unfortunately, this chase never ends and the person enters into a rat race. This is what is termed as the ‘arrival fallacy’ today. The major problem in this concept is the idea of success. This is a highly materialistic approach towards success and can often turn toxic. So, how do you counter this scenario? How do you avoid falling into a constant trap of arrival fallacy? How do you actually enjoy the journey as well as the destination? Below are some of the solutions to all these questions-

● Avoid the thought- I will be at peace once I attain this position or buy this particular thing.

Thoughts like these can hinder your mental peace and health. You will get addicted to these thoughts and soon forget about what

actually makes you happy. Therefore, counter these thoughts with another set of thoughts like- Okay, I achieved this but what makes me really happy?

● Enjoy the process instead of waiting for the destination to enjoy.

A lot of us are already under the ‘destination happiness’ concept. Instead, start understanding the process and enjoying the same. The more you fall in love with the journey, the more peace will find you and the lesser imbalance will be found.

● Approach everything realistically.

A lot of arrival fallacies happen due to the fact that we tend to daydream a lot. Even after accomplishing the goal, we constantly live our dreamy lives via rose-colored glasses. This has to be taken down with a realistic approach.

● Be grateful.

When you are thankful for what you already have and then go for the next target, you end up remaining satisfied throughout the process as well as on the arrival of your destination. Being grateful simply allows you to count your blessings while remaining positive along with maintaining healthier mental health.

Arrival fallacy is a huge concept and an illusion as well. In today’s times, it is growing more and more with several materialistic things coming into the market. Several types of research and reports today state that everyone from mainstream businessmen, celebrities, youngsters, elder people, etc suffer from this notion of success and give rise to numerous mental health problems.

It is extremely important to know that none of the accomplishments ever mean happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. It can be chosen despite an endless number of achievements or no number of achievements. Happiness is finding solace and satisfaction in

the things you have, the surroundings you have, the people you have. It is obvious that we have been chasing growth since the beginning of humankind but it is also important to find balance.

Find balance in whatever arena you dive in. There are extremes in each and every phase and area of life. You will find the higher extreme and the lower extreme everywhere. This means that there are always downfalls from where you would want to keep on going higher and higher in order to bring illusionary or temporary happiness.

Sometimes, the more you chase something, the further you get from it. This is a repel effect and can be found under this theory. It is important for all of us to realize this and start countering it bit by bit. Make sure you remain grateful. Make sure you keep a check on the things and the people you already have while developing and improving. Make sure you do not miss out on counting your blessing. Lastly, keep your focus on finding and practicing happiness in every situation and after every consequence. The rest of the things will find their place eventually.

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