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Ever hated your 9-5? 5 side hustle ideas by pursuing which you can earn much more than your 9-5

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Working on your own terms, doing things that you genuinely love and earning millions of dollars out of it! Nobody would say a no to such a career! Right? Side hustles can bring your dreams into reality and offer you the life you always dreamt of. 

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In a country like India where the society is obsessed with the “Doctor” and “Engineer” tags, kids at first study for the IITs and once they become engineers, they think about doing something out of their interests. The scene is changing though. Engineers can now be seen pursuing all the unconventional career choices and being super successful at them.

College life is the golden period of one's life. What do most of the Indian engineers do during these 4 years? Honestly saying, nothing productive. Pursuing some side hustles will introduce you into so many possibilities that probably may turn into a full time career in the long run. College life is less about the classes and more about you finding your interests, creating your circles, networking and trying new things. Instead of binge watching all the new Netflix releases overnight, better is to dedicate some hours from the day to some side hustles of your interests.

The internet is flooded with stories of the millennials who made it big with their side hustles even being at a monotonous 9-5 job. Throughout this article, you will get to know about side hustles, side hustle ideas and how you can pursue them. So, be with us. 

Bonus: You will start hating your 9-5. You can also listen to this article by clicking on the mic button at the starting.

What are side hustles? (Side hustle meaning):

Side hustles are those interests, hobbies or even something related to academics, at which you are good at, which can be pursued to earn a side income along with your job or college.

Blogging, Vlogging, Freelancing, Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, Cover singing, social media managing and creative teaching are all some types of side hustles.

The internet is a blessing for the 21st century millennials. Countless types of side hustles ideas that can be pursued online now. Millions of ideas are available online, thousands of videos are available on youtube about the topics of your interests and countless numbers of mentors are available online where you can get the guidance from. Only thing needed is your desire to pursue them. Anything can be pursued as side hustles now and if marketed well, that can pay well too. The rule is to find your interests first and then monetising it, simple.

Side hustle ideas: How you can earn much more than your 9-5 with side hustles!

Along with a boring 9-5 job, it is definitely a better choice to earn some amount by doing something you love. 

5 awesome side hustle ideas that can be pursued as main career choices and definitely will pay much better than a 9-5 MNC job in India.

1. Blogging: Is blogging still relevant in 2020? This is the most frequently asked question over the Internet about blogging. The answer is definitely yes and will be relevant in the future too. Blogging is a high paying career choice which can make you a millionaire easily. Competition is very high as billions of blogs are available on the internet. Struggle is hard but yes on being consistent, success is inevitable. To start a blog is not that tough in the present day scenario. Create a website on any of the website builders available online, select your niche, give it a stunning name and your blog is ready. Blogging is something you can pursue being a student or staying at your job. Monetization can be done with google Adsense, affiliations and subscription model. Many stories of startups are available online which was started as a blog first. So, it's upon you how far you can take your blog. 

2. Vlogging: The most commonly pursued side hustle at present is Vlogging on YouTube. YouTube is the most popular social media in the U.S. People visit youtube for the purpose of learning, entertainment, information and stories. Vlogging on YouTube is very promising now. Everyone wants to start a YouTube channel and become famous. But the probability of success depends on the quality of the contents and the presentation skill. You can Vlog about travel, about your daily life happenings or about a car or bike ride. Traffic pulling is comparatively easier than blogging as it doesnt need that kind of SEO tactics that are required in a blog. Consistency and quality contents are the two things that are needed to be successful in YouTube blogging.

3. Online course: There is a saying that teaching is the best form of learning. If you have any skills that you are good at, you can create a course and sell online. You can take live classes too. Many college goings are now teaching online about digital marketing, coding, soft skills, fitness, self help, music, painting and many side topics. Many are teaching about academic subjects too on various platforms available online. The benefits of teaching online are that it increases your grip on that particular topic you are teaching and yes a side income too. 

4. Podcasting: All the side hustles we have discussed earlier, podcasting is the best amongst all the side hustles we have discussed. Podcasting is still a new thing for the Indian audience, but a big boom in podcasting is underway in India. Audio contents are the most favourite choice of the millennials while commuting. High valued contents, education or interviews are among the most favorite topics of podcasts. Why can podcasts connect easily with the listeners? It's because of the way of the presentation. Most of the podcasts are one to one conversations. The listener can easily find himself in the same room as a discussion is going on in the podcast. Joe Rogan experience is the most popular podcast in the world at present. On saying about India, The Ranveer Show uploads some mind fucking podcasts on relevant topics to the Indian millannials. 

5. Book writing or Audiobook publishing: You don't need to be “Shakespeare” to write a book. Everyone can write a book. If you are well versed in creative writing or fictional storytelling, then nothing can be better than this for you as a side hustle. But if you are like me who have no interest in fictional stories, don't feel sad, you can write a book about your life, about your experiences and the observations and perspective you have towards the surrounding world. Even a series of published blogs can also be published as a book. Audiobooks are very popular now. Many online platforms like Kindle are also available where you can read the books of your interests. Easiest way to publish a book is by compiling a series of blog posts published earlier. So, you have got two side hustles fulfilling each other. Quite easy, right? Just be consistent, read a lot, write quality blog posts and your book will be there published as a bonus.

Conclusion:  Our elders are from the generation of 60s, who were solely focussed on surviving in the modern world. Precisely saying, the older generation of our’s had the utmost priority of getting a job first (preferably a Govt one) followed by having a family and then nothing, literally nothing! We are a totally different kind of generation. Thanks to the internet.

A job can be a necessity in some cases, but in real, a job can never fill your soul. Try pursuing some side hustles of your interests even if being at a job and be so good at it so that you can leave that boring monotonous 9-5 very soon. Gud Luck.

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