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Content Writing Tools Everyone Should be Using

You must be a writer if you are reading this article. While writing any piece there are numerous things we have to analyze and put it all together. There are so many writers out there in different fields and different niches. To stand out in the crowd you need to showcase your writing in an extraordinary way. No matter how long or short the blog is, it needs equal efforts. And it is true that everyone has their own way of doing things, but the primary key points are the same for content writing. To get an easier and faster way of improving your writing, you need some tools that can help you research, erasing the mistakes, SEO, plagiarism, and a lot more.

Here, we will see which are easy and best tools for beginners in the content writing field.

1. Hubspot:

You need a unique title to start writing on it. But how do you finalize the title?

You spend a lot of time thinking about the idea or searching for the best trending blog topics. The hustle starts from the very first step. As this is the primary and most important step in writing you need to be correct about this. Choosing a topic that does not have much search rate is definitely not a good thing for a writer. You are usually not sure about the topic and still, you manage to write it anyway because of the deadlines.

But Hubspot can help you in this situation. Whenever you are struggling to find a topic, you can use blog topic creator. This is completely free and easy to use. Just put some keywords on the topic you have to write and Hubspot will come up with interesting ideas about the title.

2. Grammarly:

We have seen how to tackle the first step. Now talking about the last step that is, proofreading. Proofreading includes checking the errors, writing patterns, sentence formation, and other mistakes which have to be done before publishing it. We often omit everything that comes to our mind and starts typing it. In this process, it is natural to make some mistakes in grammar, misplacing punctuation, and other such errors. Grammarly has a very good super power to highlight your mistakes and suggest corrections. Right from the sentence formation to the spelling mistakes, Grammarly is the best tool to do the proofreading session faster and easier. Grammarly makes your writing mistake free in text messages, social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and also in emails. Which gives you the confidence to do all your writing work easily and in a mistake free form. Grammarly also has a premium version and a business version, but the free version is also enough to find out your mistakes and suggest alternatives to them.

3. Canva:

Editing and making images for the blog does not count in content writing. This is not the work of a content writer, but it's a plus point if you can create an image for your own blog. It's good to know some extra things which will not make you dependent on others for few services. A good blog or a good article must have a high quality image that describes the title and gives an idea about the content. The image catches more attention than sentences. So it becomes important to have a nice image that you can make using Canva. Canva has a huge variety of templates, designs, backgrounds, text options, and so on. It also gives ready made templets in particular size depending on the applications you on which you want to post it. For example, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, and even gives you freedom for custom size. Canva is an easy to use and all in one tool which gives high quality images.

4. Keyword Planner:

The primary work to start your writing is done by specifying a keyword. Keyword plays an important role. Without the keywords, the search engine will not be able to categorize your website. Once you put the keywords in your blog, the search engine will note the keywords and will place your website in the category your website belongs to. The more precisely you choose the keywords, the more the chances of ranking at the top. Google AdWords has a keyword planner which fulfills the complete requirement of keyword selection. Once you input the keyword you want, it will show the related keyword for the respective sections. It shows the level of competition, subject, popularity, monthly search appearances, etc. Keyword planner is by far the best tool to search your keywords.

5. Yoast SEO:

If you are writing a blog, you will obviously want potential readers and which can happen only if your page ranks on search engine. Before publishing your blog, you must check if everything is in the perfect amount, the sentences, headings, and sub headings. Yoast SEO is the most widely used tool for before publishing SEO checking. You just have to paste the entire blog and the tool will highlight all the mistakes. It shows the sentence length, paragraph length, readability score, keyword density, and all other things which impact the ranking of the blog. It is a real time tool that gives you an instant report of the blog and makes it ready for publishing.

6. Word Counter:

As a content writer, you need to fulfill some word count for an article. To keep track of your number of words, a Word Counter is a tool you can use. It shows the number of words, number of characters, and number of paragraphs. It is not practically possible to count numbers physically, that's why the Word Counter helps you in writing and counting the numbers for you. It also shows which word is used how many times in a blog and displays the keyword density. In addition to this, the Word Counter tells the speaking time as well as the reading time and level of reading.

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