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Chuka beach, Pilibhit: A story of a beach in Uttar Pradesh and how this beach came into existence.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

There is a beach called Chuka beach in Uttar Pradesh located in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve area and yes very few are aware of it. Modern travelers are either mountain-lovers or beach lovers. Goa is the first place that comes to our mind while talking about beaches in India. Though this beach in Uttar Pradesh is not for soaking up the sun in your beachwear,  this man-made beach located near the Himalayan terrain in the state of Uttar Pradesh can be your option this time against a canceled Goa plan.

Chuka Beach, Pilibhit

Chuka beach, Pilibhit- one of the most unsung tourist spots

in India: 

This not so regular beach is located in between the Sharda Sagar Dam and Sharda canal in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve area. Contrary to all the beaches in Goa, this beach does not have regular beach sands and a lengthy shore. Being a tiger reserve, this place is surrounded by beautiful thick trees and is a home of big cats, jackals and foxes. Pilibhit is about one hour drive away from Bareilly. A town situated in the Indo- Nepal border in the serenity of nature with extremely pleasant weather is a perfect destination for refreshment. Far away from the hustle of the cities, Chuka beach in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh has a lot to offer to any offbeat traveller. Enjoy your day exploring the wildlife, taking some photos, going on a forest ride and yes laying on the sand soaking the sunlight during your trip to Chuka beach.

Chuka Beach, Pilibhit

How Chuka beach came into existence:

This beach came into existence in 2002 when an IFS officer Ramesh Pandey came up with an idea of converting the secluded place in between the Sharda Sagar dam and Sharda canal into a tourist spot to promote ecotourism as well as to help in tiger conservation. Without any financial aid from the government, this place was developed with the help of donations contributed by his colleagues from their salaries. Pandey also dedicated time towards spreading awareness regarding the environment among those who lived nearby by helping them to involve directly in the project as “protectors of the forest”.

Four eco- huts were built in the Chuka beach area during his tenure there with the help of his colleagues. The spot had been built by the forest department after his transfer in 2004 and was formally made open for tourists in 2014. Chuka beach is now a famous picnic spot in Uttar Pradesh and is being managed by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

Chuka Beach, Pilibhit

Accommodation and other facilities:

Huts and treehouses managed by the forest department are available for accommodation for staying in Chuka beach. However, pre-booking is necessary to visit the Chuka eco-tourism centre located at mustafabad in Pilibhit.

The forest department runs a canteen there that serves tea and snacks to the tourists.


An offbeat location, nestled amidst greeneries in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, the Chuka beach is perched on the banks of the Sharda Sagar Dam offers serenity and isolation to its visitors and is a perfect destination for an offbeat traveler.

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