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Books for millennials: How the habit of reading books can solve half of your life problems

Books are one of the most powerful weapons humanity has ever come across. Your mind can be your best friend or the worst enemy depending on the thought process that runs within, Your thought process is developed on the basis of the feed that you put in your mind. Here comes the role of books.

It's very important to keep your mind filled with productive thoughts. The habit of reading books acts as a stress reliever, mind freshener and knowledge provider. Reading books are similar to having a conversation with the author. The author writes his life experiences in the form of a book. The habit of reading books gives us opportunities to have intellectual interactions with the authors from different domains.

21st century millennials are not mostly inclined towards book reading. Modern day millennials are more interested in being on any social media platform rather than reading books to pass their free time. People are now very less inclined towards book reading.This may be due to their hectic lifestyle or maybe due to their reluctance towards spending time on reading books over activities like watching movies,listening to music etc. 

The habit of reading books can solve half of your real life problems.

1. You will get your best friend: Books are your best friends. They will be always with you during your journey of life. They will guide you to choose the right path every time you fall into any confusing state. Your friend may backstab you someday, afterall he/she is a human being but books will never leave you. The knowledge and lessons you learn from books will stay with you forever. 

2. A direction in life: We all experience the feeling of being lost at some point in our life. We don't know what is going on with us. We have no idea how to react to all the situations we get involved knowingly or unknowingly. Life becomes taugher once you grow older. A good habit of reading books daily (maybe only one or two pages before going to sleep) helps you a lot in gaining the thrust to work towards the purpose of your life.

3. Being ahead of others in the race: Believe it or not, but life is a race. Everyone around you is running after something. Some are after materialistic goals and some are running after people and some are craving for happiness. It is almost impossible to stay away from this race for an average human being. Books contain knowledge, life lessons and personal experiences. By reading them, you become more confident in handling real life problems.

4. Distractions and mental peace: Half of the present world population are distracted. In the world of social media, being focussed is really a difficult task for the millennials. The habit of reading books acts as a form of meditation. You will be more focussed far away from distractions and eventually will be in a peace of mind.

5. Fight against depression and anxiety: Depression and anxiety are so common nowadays among the millennials. We will not discuss the causes of depression and anxiety here. That's a different chapter. But yes, books are really helpful to overcome from depression and fighting anxiety issues. Build a habit of reading self help books ( there are many) on feeling low and on normal days too. When you start knowing yourself better,you start feeling better. Law of attraction works here. The more you feel better about yourself, the more the world seems better to you.

6. Building a career: Be it in conventional or non conventional career, books are still the most trusted source of knowledge. In the time of youtube and other social platforms. When it is much easier to get knowledge just at a simple click, books are still the unbeaten medium to collect knowledge. 

7. Positive vibe: When your mind is pure, it is reflected on your behaviour to the outer world. You can easily filter out the positives from the social mess around you. Habit of reading books will make you more calm, more knowledgeable,more optimistic, more down to earth, more confident and a great human being. 

The world is how you see it. The person you are inside is the person seen in your behaviour outside. The more you read books, the more you will be improved as a great human being.

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