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Article 15, a voice against discrimination ? ~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Ayusman Khurana starrer 'Article 15' released on 28 June of 2019 featuring a controversial yet very strong topic from the Indian constitution hits directly at the socio-economic discrimination occurring in some parts of the country based on caste based social system. This movie leaves a strong statement without sugarcoating any facts.After so many years of independence, India is still not being able to come out totally from the years old caste based socio-economic system.Such system still exists in some parts of the country.This movie portrays very nicely the reality of such a discriminatory years old system.On the lead role Ayusman Khurana as an IPS officer has just shown us how acting is not only about dialogues. His long pauses and expressions speak way louder than words in many scenes of the movie.Responses are coming out from different parts of the country.

image credit-The Indian Express

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