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All about Chia seeds: What are chia seeds & benifit of chia seeds.

Chia seeds today are gaining popularity between health conscious people as well as youngsters looking for delicious smoothies and puddings. There are several recipes floating on the internet having tons of creativity.

Benefit of chia seeds
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But, do you know what chia seeds exactly are and what makes it so great? Let’s dive into it.

What are Chia seeds?

Chia seeds are small, black, slightly oval and round seeds containing a good amount of different nutrients. These are found in the desert plant from the mint family called - Salvia hispanica.

What are the nutrients found in chia seeds?

The major reason for chia seeds being famous is its high amount of healthy nutrients. These include:

Protein, Vitamins, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Fats, Fibre and Carbohydrates. These nutrients are most of the major nutrients

required by our body. With these nutrients in chia seeds, nutritional benefits of it increases by a great percent.

Are you concerned about the calories in chia seeds?

100 grams of chia seeds contain 486 calories with a good amount of nutrition. This might sound like a worrying amount if you are a fitness freak. But believe us, it's not. With this much of calories come great number of

Benefits of Chia seeds:

● The most attractive benefit of all is weight loss. With being extremely healthy, chia seeds are also highly delicious. And people who find it hard to lose weight due to taste issues, love to grab a chia seed smoothie or a pudding.

How does it help in losing weight?

Chia seeds consist of a high amount of fiber. Fiber is known for providing a fulfilling feeling when consumed. Hence, you don’t end up craving for more food which helps you lose weight easily.

● It helps in digestion. Fiber is known for removing all the roughage in the body. This helps in digesting the food immensely.

● Rich in Omega 3. We don’t usually come across foods containing omega 3 in good amounts. Omega 3 helps in keeping the organs, skin and hair, basically the overall body healthy and nourishing. Chia seeds can provide you with a good amount of omega 3.

● Rich in antioxidants. It helps in preventing or fighting inflammation and ageing.

● It also helps in maintaining the levels of blood sugar. Hence, if you are diabetic or facing cholesterol problems, then you can go chia seeds to help you be healthy.

You must have come across people talking about the chia seeds process which involves it to be soaked in water. Are you confused about it?

Chia seeds in water makes them completely edible and usable in any kind of recipe. It transforms into a gel like smooth seed and helps you feel more fulfilled and satisfied than ever.


Chia seeds can be your healthy munching snack or favourite weight loss dish. It is full of great nutrients which helps you in different ways. It has numerous benefits and you may find delicious and appealing recipes containing it, all over the internet.

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