Age 18 to 25: The age in which you build your foundation or destroy it...

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Age 18 to 25 is also called the Adolescence period. Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. Youngsters develop emotionally and socially during this time.

Are you between 18-25 years of age and you feel worried about the direction your life is heading?

At this age, you begin to gain the ability to make decisions and guess their consequences based on your knowledge. This is an age when an individual develops the ability to think, begins to set goals, desires independence from parents craves for enjoyment, and wants to be given the power to do something by himself. This is a phase of life when a child emerges as an adult. Adulthood is a vulnerable time because children can either develop unhealthy habits that might grow into problems when they become adults or practice healthy habits that might help them in the future. While most of the adolescence enjoy good physical and mental health, there are adolescents who are likely to develop serious childhood disorders.

What kind of difficulties does a young person face?

1. Physical changes: Changes that take place due to hormonal differences.

2. Behavioral Changes: Developmental changes that make children more independent and wanting to try new things and take risks.

3. Educational Challenges: Academic pressure and stress related to studies.

4. Psychological Changes: Changes that affect mental health that creates mood disorders and anxiety among adolescents.

5. Social Changes: Adolescence is the time during which social circle expands and youth seem to be occupied with friends and interacting on social media sites.

6. Emotional Problems: Youth tend to show strong, intense emotions and unpredictable moods. This is because they are beginning to express emotions in a mature way.

How can you make adolescence a period of opportunity and positive development?

1. Know what is right for you:

Try to make decisions based on your moral values. ‘Right’ is what helps you achieve goals and gives you prosperity on the other hand ‘Wrong’ is what obstructs your goal and makes you incompatible. Decide wisely on what is right or wrong based on what is more important to you.

2. Set a plan for your life:

Become goal-oriented. Deciding what you want to achieve by the time you are 30 or 50 years of age and setting targets to achieve those goals will help you become successful. Make plans on how you have to go about getting what you need.

3. Learn new skills:

Prepare yourself to work as hard as possible and make yourself ready to face difficult situations and overcome disappointments. As young adults, you can acquire great skills such as painting skills, communication skills, software skills, writing skills, and many more. These skills will make you independent.

4. Develop problem solving and decision-making techniques:

These are the most important concepts for life. As an adolescent, you will need to take the toughest decisions such as decisions related to studies, career, and use of drugs and alcohol. You’re supposed to weigh the pros and cons of each of these and think properly before you make decisions.

5. Respect your parents: