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'A solo road trip can heal you better than anything'~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

I was on the middle of a highway with no pre-destined location, just music, me and my car cruising at a speed of 90 and all my life was on flashback.From all the broken, shattered dreams to the ups and downs of my present life, from all the hard working days of preparation of my Kota life to the present stressful and frustrating days of my corporate life, everything was just infront of my eyes.I could feel how the transformation has occurred and how the changes are going on.Somewhere in between all the struggles, ambitions and frustrations and the present monotonicity probably I lost myself.This road trip helped me discovering myself from all the messes going on, gave me that thrust to work towards my goal and rejuvenated me with lots of positive energy.

1.A solo road trip will help you to discover yourself.

2,A solo road trip will make you forget all your life problems and energise you to work towards your goal.

3.Frustrated with corporate life cycle? a road trip is a must for you.

4.When monotonicity hits you hard,a road trip will heal you better than anything.

5.Road trips are like meditation, go solo and get th