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A Complete Guide to Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is the dogma that no matter how terrible or complicated a circumstance is, one should keep a positive mindset. It is a good vibe way to life. And although there are advantages to being an optimist and building a positive mindset, toxic positivity rather refuses complicated emotions in favor of an optimistic, usually wrongly positive, facade.

Every one of us knows that having a positive viewpoint on life is beneficial for your mental health. The difficulty is that life is not always positive, sometimes we also have to deal with unpleasant emotions and occurrences. Those emotions are often very painful, and are significant, and require to be dealt with them sincerely and honestly.

Toxic positivity takes a positive mindset to an over-generalized height. This approach does not only emphasize the significance of optimism, it reduces and refuses any proof of human emotions that are not surely positive or pleasant.

Toxic Positivity
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Methods of Toxic Positivity:

Toxic positivity can take a broad assortment of methods. Few instances you might have faced in your life.

  • When something unfortunate happens, like suffering at your job, everyone tells you to simply be positive or look on the good side. Although these types of remarks are usually intended to be compassionate, they can be a method of closing anything you may require to speak about what you are undergoing.

  • After undergoing any sort of trouble, everyone will tell you that “everything occurs for a cause.” While people usually make such remarks as they think they are encouraging, it is also a means of evading someone else’s misery.

  • When you show despondency or sorrow, people will tell you that “joy is an alternative.” This implies that if you are sensing negative sensations, then it is your mistake not to prefer to be happy.

Such comments are oftentimes good-hearted. People do not know what different to tell and don't identify how to be compassionate. But still, it is necessary to realize that these replies can be dangerous.

At someone’s best, such assertions come off as prosaic proverbs that let you off the hook so you do not have to deal with other’s emotions. At someone’s worst, these statements end up humiliating and accusing people who are oftentimes dealing with especially tough circumstances

Why Toxic Positivity Is Dangerous?

Toxic positivity can harm somebody who is getting through tough times. Although being able to experience real individual sentiments and achieve unconditional care, people see their emotions discarded, neglected, or outright refuted.

  • It is humiliating: When anyone is undergoing pain, they require knowing that their sentiments are right, but that they can attain relaxation and love in their family and friends. Toxic positivity informs people that the sentiments that they are experiencing are not at all accepted.

  • It produces guilt: It conveys a piece of information that if you are not getting a method to think positive, even in the toughest situation, then you are doing something fallacious.

  • It eludes real human sentiment: Toxic positivity roles as an evasion tool. When other’s involved in this kind of action, it enables them to sidestep the sentimental conditions that could make them sense uneasy. But oftentimes we transform these identical thoughts on us, interiorizing this kind of noxious opinion. When we experience painful emotions, we feel diminished and dismiss, and later deny them.

  • It limits extension: It enables us to ignore emotions that might be unpleasant, but it also refuses us the strength to handle difficult emotions that can conclusively start to extension and more extensive penetration.

The “positive mindset only” mantra can be especially offensive during periods of intense personal suffering. When someone is coping with circumstances such as financial problems, unemployment, ailment, or the death of a beloved, being reported that they require to see on the bright side can appear completely evil.

It is likely to be optimistic in the appearance of painful struggles and hurdles. But people going through shock do not necessitate to be told to remain positive or sense that they are judged for not sustaining a bright prospect.

Symptoms of Toxic Positivity:

Toxic positivity can usually be complex, but determining to identify the signs can assist you in properly classifying this kind of action. Few signs comprise:

  1. Solving problems rather than challenging them.

  2. Feeling condemned about being unhappy, irritated, or discouraged.

  3. Concealing your true sentiments behind good thoughts that look more socially tolerable.

  4. Concealing or altering how you sense.

  5. Reducing other’s emotions because they make you feel miserable.

  6. Humiliating others when they are not having positive thinking.

  7. Attempting to be apathetic or "get over" sensitive emotions.


Allow your fruitful approach instead of attempting to avoid painful sentiments, allow yourself to perceive them. These sentiments are true, accurate, and relevant. They can give knowledge and assist you to notice things about a condition that you require to manage to replace.

This does not certainly mean that you should perform on each sentiment that you sense. Sometimes it is significant to remain with your feelings and grant yourself the time and space to prepare the circumstances before you take effort.

So when you are facing a tough time, contemplate methods to provide a voice to your sentiments in a fruitful manner. Write down your feelings in a notebook; speak to your family and friends. Research implies that only putting what you are sensing into words can assist reduce the power of those negative sentiments.

Be genuine about what you sense or feel. When you are suffering from a stressful circumstance, it is reasonable to feel anxious, stressed, or also afraid. Do not demand excessively from yourself. Concentrate on self-love and taking measures that can assist in making your condition better.

Toxic Comments:

  • Only remain positive!

  • Only fresh vibes!

  • It would be a very critical circumstance.

  • Failure is not a choice.

  • Joy is an option.

Non-Toxic Comments:

  • I'm hearing.

  • Sometimes immoral things occur. How can I assist?

  • Failure is a component of life.

  • Your emotions are real.

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