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Trending:5 unique YouTube channels from India you have no idea about

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

With the rapid rise of internet users in India, Youtube has become a great source of entertainment for Indian millennials. A large number of Indian millennials are highly inclined towards YouTube as their daily dose of entertainment. But the question arises with the types of content you are consuming daily. Are you watching some lame and shitty videos with autoplay turned on or you are consuming some unique creative content of some amazing YouTubers of the country? The ball is at your court now. These are some unique YouTubers from India who are creating great content without prioritizing the subscription game.


Started as a fitness channel by Ranveer Allabadia in 2014, this channel now has 2.4million subscribers. This channel has content from fitness to fashion and from life hacks to motivation. Recently they have started podcasts featuring some of the great achievers from different sectors.


Started by Shwetabh Gangwar, a professional problem solver himself, this channel features problem-solving videos with a very straightforward language. This channel has nearly 1.3 million subscribers today.

3.Salil Jamdar & Co:

Started in March of 2018 as a parody channel, this channel today has more than 50 million subscribers. This channel contains some outstanding parody songs with funny lyrics and great picturization.

4.Last Cigarette:

This channel doesn't have a large number of followers, but those who subscribed to this channel have some great taste in music. This channel features some great lyrical compositions of independent artists from the India-Pakistan region. From slow meaningful songs to hard rock, this channel is a gem.


With a very low number of subscribers, this channel is featuring some amazing compositions from some little-known Indian Artists. With great lyrics and outstanding compositions, this channel is far better than those highly subscribed Bollywood channels.

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