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5 Practical Ways to Treat the Signs of Burnout

"Burnout happens when you avoid being human for too long." - Michael Gungor

“If you want to get success, you will have to hustle harder (every day)”. Many people must have given you this advice. Haven’t they? It is certain that if you dream to achieve something big in life, you have to work your ass off. But sometimes knowing where to pause helps you better.

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Taking breaks makes you feel rejuvenated and helps you be more productive in your personal as well as professional life. We, humans, are never satisfied. If we have a bicycle, we strive to get a car and that's how the list goes on. Isn't it? But a better job, car or house would feel satisfactory only if at the end of the day, we are happy. Ignoring breaks to get more things done hugely affects your efficiency. And because of this, no matter how hard you try, you aren't able to deliver your best. It is the biggest sign of stepping into the stage of burnout.

Burnout? How does it feel like?

You don’t experience any physical symptoms as you do in fever or cough. Burnout symptoms are generally related to your emotions. When you are burned out, you feel empty from within, your mind only focuses on the negative past incidences, you feel anxious, you feel sluggish, etc. And this tremendously hampers your productivity and makes you doubt yourself.

The worst thing about burnout is that most people don’t even know that they are experiencing it. People must know that physical and emotional tiredness are two different things, these are not the same. The former one can be taken care of with mere rest or medication but the latter requires self-acknowledgement, love and care. For burnout recovery, you must indulge yourself in self-care activities that make you feel happy.

How to treat burnout?

One of the most effective treatments for burnout is recognising its symptoms, knowing that something isn't right inside and affirming recovery. There are some practical ways that can be followed to treat burnout. What are they? Let's check them out!

1. Take that damn break

No wonder why school vacations were one of the best school memories. Ah! How refreshed we used to feel after it, right? But as we become adults, more responsibilities make us forget the importance of breaks. Taking breaks from work and indulging in "me-time" can fight burnout in the right way.

2. Talk it out

The most practical burnout treatment is expressing your feelings out. When you express your emotions, you start to feel lighter. Most of us keep things to ourselves and the more we do it, the heavier our heart feels. Remember, things go wrong in everyone's life. And that's completely normal. Talking it out with whom you are comfortable is the best answer to how to treat burnout.

3. Indulge in self-care

Okay. How do you feel when you do an activity that you like? Good? Better? The best? Ever wondered why does it happen? Well, science backs the fact that doing your favourite activities make you feel happy. When you do so, your brain releases happy hormones as your reward. When it comes to burnout the power of self-love and self-care shouldn't be overlooked.

4. Practise self-love

Self-love habits aren't a one-time thing. These take years to build. The world is the amalgamation of good and bad people. It's easy to feel happy when you are praised, how do you respond to criticism is what measures the depth of self-love. It is important to remind yourself of the good things to keep yourself emotionally happy.

5. Be surrounded by positivity

Burnout limits your thinking power. Hence; you feel anxious, depressed or empty from within. Feeding your mind with positivity, hanging out with friends or doing the things that make you happy boost your happiness. This practical hack can majorly help you overcome burnout.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. We can’t wait to see you guys rejuvenated again. Try these hacks and let us know if they worked for you *wink

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