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5 Easy Salad Recipes for Weight Loss.

In today's modern world, people are turning modern in every aspect. Be it getting fluent in a language, improving dressing sense, or getting a good personality. Everyone wants a perfect body shape in which they can feel confident and stay fit and healthy. Staying fit and maintaining weight is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort right from proper gyming to a good diet. People go to the gym, do regular exercise, walking, cycling, and whatnot. But is that enough???

The real weight loss starts in the kitchen. The key to weight loss is not just workout but the quantity and quality of food you eat. What you eat reflects on your body. The more you start eating healthy food, your body will be in perfect shape and also make you strong. It is important to add a lot of proteins and vitamins to your daily diet. Many people consult a professional diet planner who can give them advice on what to eat and whatnot. But if you are someone who doesn't want to consult a diet planner, you are at the right place. I'll be sharing some really healthy and delicious salad recipes which will make your weight loss journey much easier and more fun.

1. Chickpeas salad for weight loss.

Chickpeas(chana) are high in vitamins, fibers, minerals and are great for improving digestion. If you are a vegetarian, then chickpeas are the best alternative to meat. They are high in protein and helps in managing weight. As they are stuffed with fibers, the chickpeas salad keeps you fuller for a longer time.


1. Soak chickpeas overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker the next day.

2. Cut onions and tomatoes into small cubes.

3. Take half bowl curd, add black salt, coriander and whisk it.

4. Add the curd mix into chickpeas along with onion and tomatoes.

5. Add few drops of lemon juice and enjoy the salad.

2. Sprouted moong salad for weight loss.

Moong (Green Gram) is high in fibers and proteins. The high fibers control the hunger hormone which keeps your stomach full. Moong is very effective for weight loss and also reduces the chances of heart diseases. With all these properties, moong becomes the best healthy snack for weight loss.


1. Sock moong overnight and drain the water the next day.

2. Leave it for another day to get sprouts.

3. Boil it and add chopped tomatoes, onions, and carrot to it.

4. Add red chili powder or black pepper in curd.

5. Mix the curd with moon, tomatoes, onions, and carrot.

6. Garnish it with some coriander and lemon juice.

3. Paneer salad for weight loss.

Paneer (cottage cheese) salad is a very protein-rich salad and can be made in just 5 minutes. Paneer is also rich in magnesium, iron, and calcium thus making it even healthier. 100 g of paneer intake daily will give your body the perfect amount of protein and will make you strong to do heavy exercises in the gym.


1. Roughly cut the cabbage.

2. Add thin sliced tomatoes and onions in it.

3. Add 100 g paneer and 4 teaspoon lemon juice.

4. Sprinkle black pepper and salt.

5. Finally, add one spoon of olive oil.

6. 5 minutes paneer salad is ready for your weight loss journey.

4. Mix fruit salad for weight loss.

Almost all fruits are healthy and help in weight loss. Fruits don't contain fat and are a healthy option if you are on a weight loss journey.


1. Take chopped apples, bananas, kiwi, papaya, watermelon.

(you can add any fruits of your choice)

2. Add a small amount of curd and 2-3 teaspoon honey.

3. Mix everything well and enjoy the mixed fruit salad.

5. Egg salad for weight loss.

The egg is one of the most eaten foods for weight loss. It is high in omega 3, protein, nutrient, and it also increases the level of good cholesterol. Boiled eggs are healthier and easy to digest.


1. Take 2 boiled eggs and remove its yellow part.

2. Cut the egg white into small pieces.

3. Add chopped cabbage, grated carrots, onions, add tomatoes.

4. Add some red chili powder and black salt.

5. Finally, add chopped coriander and enjoy the salad.

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