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Consult With Puja

Counselling Psychologist

  • 999 Indian rupees
  • Audio/Video Call


Working as a Counseling Psychologist for the last 6 years. Empathy, unconditional positive regard, respect for individual differences, reflective listening, and confidentiality- some of the most important elements followed in the sessions I undertake. Remember, the first step is to reach out. My areas of expertise include self-care, meditation, work-life balance, stress management, emotional regulation, body image, bullying, peer/friendship, the mental health of mothers/fathers, addiction, depression, etc. I deal with clients of the age group of 13-45. Session duration = 45 minutes

Cancellation Policy

For 1 on 1 therapy sessions: To cancel, send us a mail at least 3 hrs prior to the session time. You can manage your bookings by login to the site too. No refund will be done for cancellations done from 3 hrs prior to the session time. For group Sessions: We have no cancellation policy as slots are limited and fixed.

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