Youth Empowerment: Why Coaching, Mentoring and Monitoring is Important for Today’s Youth

Youth Empowerment is a process of encouraging youth to take responsibility of their lives. It includes empowering, strengthening and improving the quality of life that the youth are living. It strengthens the mind of children and youngsters to explore and develop their skills and strengths. Youth empowerment will lead to a better society, a better country, in fact, a better world. Youth empowerment includes educating youth on some important aspects such as intellectual skills, life enhancing skills, communicative skills, artistic skills, moral skills, learning skills, and manipulating skills. All this can be achieved by some useful practices like coaching, mentoring, and monitoring.


Parental coaching plays an important role in unlocking a youth’s potential to enhance their performance. It includes training, guidance, and support to a child at every level to help them follow the right direction. Coaching helps youth to develop technical, mental, tactical and life coping skills.


Mentoring is the process in which an experienced individual (parent) helps the youth to grow their skills, gain new perspectives in life and become the best version of themselves. Mentors influence the personal and professional growth of a person by introducing new ways of thinking and by sharing their valuable experiences through conversations and interesting activities.


The monitoring process involves timely observation of all the activities performed by a young adult and establishment of guidelines and limits for the youngster to keep track of his/her activities to make sure that he/she is on the right path. This periodical tracking of activities gives feedback and progress of an individual on a regular basis.

Now, as we know what is coaching, mentoring and monitoring, we must understand the importance of support and guidance to mankind.

Youth are usually not aware of what is better for them. But the youth who have parents who coach and monitor them experience ample benefits. Here are the invaluable benefits that the kids gain due to proper parental guidance through monitoring,

1. Helps Convert the Child’s Sadness into Happiness:

Mentoring initiates a better connection and bonding between the parent and the kid. Both can express each other’s thoughts and parents can get to know their child’s aspirations. It benefits parents by helping them gain a deeper understanding of children. The support of elders lessens the fear among the youth. It helps improve the mental health of the youth by increasing their confidence and boosting their will power.

2. Youth Gains Indestructible Support: