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Youth Empowerment: Why Coaching, Mentoring and Monitoring is Important for Today’s Youth

Youth Empowerment is a process of encouraging youth to take responsibility of their lives. It includes empowering, strengthening and improving the quality of life that the youth are living. It strengthens the mind of children and youngsters to explore and develop their skills and strengths. Youth empowerment will lead to a better society, a better country, in fact, a better world. Youth empowerment includes educating youth on some important aspects such as intellectual skills, life enhancing skills, communicative skills, artistic skills, moral skills, learning skills, and manipulating skills. All this can be achieved by some useful practices like coaching, mentoring, and monitoring.


Parental coaching plays an important role in unlocking a youth’s potential to enhance their performance. It includes training, guidance, and support to a child at every level to help them follow the right direction. Coaching helps youth to develop technical, mental, tactical and life coping skills.


Mentoring is the process in which an experienced individual (parent) helps the youth to grow their skills, gain new perspectives in life and become the best version of themselves. Mentors influence the personal and professional growth of a person by introducing new ways of thinking and by sharing their valuable experiences through conversations and interesting activities.


The monitoring process involves timely observation of all the activities performed by a young adult and establishment of guidelines and limits for the youngster to keep track of his/her activities to make sure that he/she is on the right path. This periodical tracking of activities gives feedback and progress of an individual on a regular basis.

Now, as we know what is coaching, mentoring and monitoring, we must understand the importance of support and guidance to mankind.

Youth are usually not aware of what is better for them. But the youth who have parents who coach and monitor them experience ample benefits. Here are the invaluable benefits that the kids gain due to proper parental guidance through monitoring,

1. Helps Convert the Child’s Sadness into Happiness:

Mentoring initiates a better connection and bonding between the parent and the kid. Both can express each other’s thoughts and parents can get to know their child’s aspirations. It benefits parents by helping them gain a deeper understanding of children. The support of elders lessens the fear among the youth. It helps improve the mental health of the youth by increasing their confidence and boosting their will power.

2. Youth Gains Indestructible Support:

Parents impart strength to their child by teaching them splendid talents, improving their knowledge on various subjects around the world, and sharing their valuable experience which the children can never get from any other source. Coaching and mentoring children at home makes them strong willed and gives them the ability to cope up with challenging situations in life even if they are most stressful. This is because parents encourage the youth to become more competent and to overcome their weaknesses.

3. Prevents Youth from Doing Mistakes:

Children often tend to make mistakes usually when they are in the stages of their adolescence. It has become a major issue these days because there is no proper mentoring and monitoring by the parents. Proper mentoring provides a better understanding among the youth about what is good and what is bad for them. Monitoring the adolescents is very essential because it keeps them from doing anything wrong and it is most likely that they won’t make any major mistakes.

4. Provides Emotional Development to the Youth:

Children feel very safe when parents become their coach. The emotional skills provided by the parents serve as medicines when the children become emotionally weak. Parents help their children learn about feelings and emotions and develop a sense of managing those feelings. Parents are the most effective influence on a youth’s emotional development. Youth must be encouraged to expand their circle and mingle with people in order to become emotionally intelligent.

5. Improves Understanding Between Parents and Children:

Regular coaching and mentoring increases communication among parents and children and this in turn improves the understanding between them. Due to this, children start sharing almost everything with their parents and this is a great benefit because parents get to know what is happening in their child’s life and can rectify their mistakes whenever they feel that their children are doing wrong. Moreover, when the children share everything with their parents, they will be free from mental trauma and will be more mentally prepared.

6. Youth Gain Education in a Better Way:

Education is the most precious wealth that a person can have. While most of the students gain their education from tutorials and institutes, it is most beneficial when the parents train the children at home through effective coaching, mentoring, and monitoring. It is because teaching children at home saves money, children stay comfortable, and gain better knowledge from parents rather than at tuitions. They even score more in the examination.

7. Youngsters gain plenty of moral values:

Parents are children's first teachers and they an important role in imparting moral values to children. Mentoring at home makes children well-mannered and well behaved. Inculcating moral values leads to a great life. Those who perform moral actions will have great respect in the society as well as in the family. Moral values give us the skill that allows us to identify the right path. Moral values also guide us to make judgments based on facts. So, making children well behaved requires a lot of coaching and mentoring.

8. Better Future: Youth Get into a Better Career:

A start to a better future begins with the best coaching, mentoring and monitoring. The future of the child must be focused right from the start. It all depends on the way the child is brought up by the parents. There should be a lot of understanding and guidance along with proper coaching. Coaching youth is different to coaching others. It is in this stage that the youth require better knowledge of the outside world and a better understanding about the need for having a good career. Once they understand all this, their future will be secure, and they will shine.

How Can Parents Coach, Mentor and Monitor their Children?

1. Teach them the best:

  • Make a daily routine for them

  • Allow them the freedom to choose

  • Support their aspirations

  • Appreciate when they perform well

  • Assist them in their homeworks and projects.

  • Train them about moral actions

  • Make learning fun for them

2. Provide Good Counselling:

  • Communicate to understand their problems

  • Share their opinions on life

  • Become a role model for your children by doing things you want them to do

  • Share your experiences

  • Prepare them for the worst

  • Explain them the importance of positive attitude and will power

  • Make them mentally strong and stable by sharing positive energy

3. Track Their Activities:

  • Always know where your child is going and with whom

  • Know whom does your child mingle with

  • Keep track of what your child is doing frequently

  • Pay attention to your child’s changing behavioral patterns

  • Track your child’s academic progress

  • Keep in touch with your child’s friends (it is good to have their phone numbers)

  • Ask questions if necessary

  • Know his behavior at school

  • Advice children to let you know before going anywhere away from you

  • Keep track of their internet activities

Final Thoughts

The transition from childhood to adulthood is the most sensitive one because it is the stage of life in which one can prosper if proper guidelines are followed and can also deteriorate if things are not taken seriously. This is the stage in which behavioral patterns change among children. Proper care must be taken by parents through proper training and monitoring of these children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future because today’s children can become popular and famous icons tomorrow. So, they must be given proper guidance and care must be taken to understand them better and ease off their problems and help them set the right path for themselves. Proper coaching boosts self confidence among youngsters and empowers them to make positive changes in their way of living. Monitoring has become an important part of a child’s upbringing because children these days have easy access to internet through laptops, tablets, and smartphones and some of the content on the internet might not be appropriate for children.

Thus, coaching, mentoring, and monitoring have a major positive impact on your child’s life. So be the best coach and mentor for your child because nobody can take care and protect your kid better than you! Try to provide additional support and help your child proceed towards successful adulthood.

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