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Write daily routine: How the habit of writing a daily routine can improve your life!

Writing is a great way of expressing our thoughts, ideas and feelings. Articulation of thoughts is an art and needs time to be good at it. The internet has turned more inclined towards video contents now. However, blogging is still relevant though. Most of our time goes into doing all the unproductive things. Writing daily journals is a good habit. The habit of writing a daily routine helps us be focussed on our goals, understanding our shortcomings and in improving ourselves by overcoming them. 

Writing daily routine
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Our daily habits define our growth, prosperity and the quality of life we will have. Following a routine helps us be disciplined. Writing daily journals seems to be a small task but these kinds of small activities have great impact on our life and on our mental well being in the long run..

Humans are social animals. We love expressing our thoughts, ideas and feelings with other human beings. Writing is a great way of expressing our thoughts in front of the world. 

The habit of writing daily routine can improve your life to a great extent:

Clear thoughts: 

Writing your thoughts out goes through a prior process of articulation on your mind. Different kinds of thoughts keep on running on our minds all the time. Overthinking is a real issue among the millennials. Writing journals daily helps in figuring out the major happenings of the day. This helps in focussing on the tasks that need the more of us after filtering out all the unproductive occurrences.


Everybody wants to have a great life. Some are running after materialistic goals and some are after achievements. Everyone has a goal. Being focussed at the goal throughout the journey is the real struggle. Modern world is blessed with countless types of distractions. Staying away from distraction is the first step towards success. Writing down your daily happenings is a great help to know your progress, achievements, shortcomings and to plan better for overcoming them. 


No great thing can be achieved without proper planning. Execution is the most crucial part though. Patience and perseverance are the most needed. Writing a daily routine or writing diary diary helps in being on the track. You must know your shortcomings and progress both in order to plan better. The habit of writing a daily routine will help you to plan better.

Writing skills:

Writing down the thoughts is an art. It takes time to be good at. Everyone is a beginner at the starting. The more you write, the more you will be good at. Daily writing helps a lot in improving writing skills. Flow of thoughts will be more natural after continuing writing daily for some days. 


Consistency is more important than intensity. Being consistent is the way to success. Writing a daily routine is a great way of knowing our progress which eventually pushes towards working hard consistently. Nothing is impossible. Consistent hard work and patience is the key to achieve anything great in life. 


Millennials are reluctant towards the habit of writing a daily routine. It seems to be a small, not so important task. But writing daily will keep you focussed, helps you have clear thoughts and perspectives and will improve your writing skills too.

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Janet Locane
Janet Locane
Nov 02, 2022

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Jeff Thorsen
Jeff Thorsen
Nov 02, 2022

Very interesting recomendations!

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