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Work at night: Why you should sleep during the day and be awake at night! FlyingPepper

Whole of the world works during the day time and relaxes at night. Daylight helps to work outside and commute easily. Human life is synchronised to the tradition of working during the day and sleeping at night. In the modern world, with the advancement of technologies, humans are working both day and night because of the cultural and economical demands. Day and night are all the same now. Millennials are even finding late night working more productive than working in daytime. Most of the Creative people like to work at night and sleep all day.

We are the result of millions of years of evolution. Our behaviours, psychological nature and socialising character are all can be rooted back to that of the ancient hunter gatherers. Civilisations changed and so are the behaviours. Human body is adapted to the habit of working during the day and sleeping at night. Our biological cycle revolves around this natural habit. But, due to many reasons, people have to be awake at night and sleep all day. The night shift workers, creative people and the dreamers remain awake all night working, followed by sleeping all day. But, is it unhealthy to sleep during the day and be awake at night? Maybe, Yes. But, who cares! The night owls always have their own special plans.

Modern lifestyle demands staying awake late at night. Delayed sleep phase disorders are so common now. Mostly the people who do night shift duties face problems of sleep disorders. 

Working at night has its own charm. Creative people prefer working late at night. Majority of students study all night and sleep all day. Their biological clock resonated in this way. Bloggers, startup founders and other creative professionals work all night and sleep during the day. This is their normal cycle.

Why you should sleep during the day and work at night:


Nights are super productive. The calmness and serenity helps in thinking deeply. Any creative task demands deep work. You can think clearly when there is no disturbance from your surroundings. An isolated mindspace is what is needed to get the best result. Whether you are writing a blog or composing a song, nights are the best time to work on. You are at your most productive state at night and so the chances of getting the best out of you is more on anything you are working on.


To be concentrated deeply is the toughest phase of doing any creative task. Going blank is so common while writing a blog. You need to be focused on whatever you want to share with your audience and to find the perfect words to express it. This is the prime reason why I like to work at night. Your thoughts come in flow on any topic when you are free from the surroundings focusing deeply on your work. 

Alone time:

It's quite normal to get distracted while working. Being focussed is really tough in this distracted world. You need alone time to think properly. Alone self-talking helps you to get focussed on your goals. The best thing about the nights is that you are isolated from the chaos of the modern world. You are in your own zone which is the utmost essential to be focussed on your goal. Wear your headphones, play some relaxing mashups and start working. 


Whether you are working whole night or whole of the day, at the end what matters are the results. To achieve something, you have to sacrifice your comforts. Sleeping during the day after working the whole night is definitely not that good for human health. Health is important but we have to find the way in between. This is what the goal demands.

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