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Why you should take some days out of your life to spend as mountain holidays every year!

The Mountains are calling and you must go. You can never feel the relaxing power of mountains unless you spend some days in the mountains. We often end up neglecting our mental health while being busy chasing our dreams. It's really important to take some break from the hustles of our daily life to get rejuvenated and what else can be better than a mountain escape! 

Mountain holidays I India
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Life is becoming more hectic day by day. Millennials often find it difficult to have a proper work life balance in their busy monotonous daily life. Depression and anxiety are so common nowadays. Some days to spend as mountain holidays in the serenity of nature is a must for the modern millennials to include in their schedule.

Going on vacations is not a new trend. India is blessed with some of the most picturesque mountain destinations on earth. Lake and mountains are a great combination though. Who doesn't want to have the heavenly experience of bike riding in the mountains of Ladakh! 

Reasons why you must spend some days of the year in the mountains:

1. Serene atmosphere: 

Mountains are calm, serene and extremely less crowded. A calm environment is what is the utmost necessity for refreshment. Less crowd is a bonus. Nobody wants to get surrounded by thousands of people on a mountain holiday. Going far from city life to the mountains in search of calmness and refreshment is surely a more beneficial decision than wasting your holidays by partying and drinking on the beaches of Goa.

2. Spirituality:

Spirituality is all about finding yourself. It's quite important to meditate daily during our monotonous work cycle. Work becomes monotonous and hectic. You need more focus, more clarity and a more calmness on everything you do. Spirituality helps you to achieve a certain level of calmness. What else can be a better destination to have a spiritual experience than mountains.  

3. Adventure:

The worst zone you can ever be in is the comfort zone. Don't be a slave of your comforts. The struggle should always be to try beyond our limits. The only way of overcoming our fears is by facing them. Paragliding, riding hot air balloons and bungee jumping are all can be experienced in many mountain destinations in India. Adventures increase your confidence level, give you a thrilling experience and memories for lifetime. Rishikesh and Bir billing in Himachal Pradesh are quite famous for such kinds of adventures in India. 

4. Better worldview: 

Our worldview is mostly framed by the contents we consume on the Internet, the TV debates and our surroundings. It's quite impossible to have a clean perspective framed on our mind itself. The scene is chaotic. Everyone is running after some agendas and working on some propaganda. The Internet affected the clean thinking ability of human beings. Everyone's an expert now. For having a clean perspective you either have to listen to every side of a story and then create your own view towards it or you have to think deeply and logically to find the truth. Staying in the mountains  far away from the chaotic cities will help you to have a calm attitude towards any situation.

5. Deep Work:

Starting a company, writing blogs or maybe writing a novel, all these kinds of activities need deep thinking. There is a book by Carl Newport named ‘Deep Work’ where he has explained about the importance of deep work. Most of the present highly influential intellectuals and leaders go for deep thinking for some days or months every year. Yuvan Noah Harari said in a recent interview that the kind of books he has written is an impossible task without deep work. Spending some time in the mountains is a perfect way of rejuvenating yourself for any creative work or the future regular tasks.


In India, people are either mountain lovers or beach lovers. Mountain holidays are the best way to spend some time amidst the serenity of nature far away from the chaos of monotonous city life. The best mountain vacation is where you find yourself.

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