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Why you should not seek motivation to be successful!

“Motivation will only push you towards starting up, but to get it going you must have something in your mind space that always pushes you towards working for it”

Motivation to be successful
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Motivation is nearly a $13 billion industry in the U.S. Ever thought about how all these big names in the motivational industry manage to generate such high revenue? If not, then start thinking now. They are earning from your insecurities, underconfidence, and lack of self-belief. You will never seek motivation to be successful if you are working on something that genuinely interests you. Your passion drives you towards working hard for it every day.

Millennial & Gen Z problems:

We millennials and Gen Z people are the most complex generations so far. Our aspirations and desires are completely different from that of our previous generations. But with high aspirations and desires; one thing that we are losing is our mental health. It’s quite common to get demotivated on not seeing the expected results even after working so hard. Millennials often complain about facing a lack of motivation to work hard for their goals. But should we really look for motivation to be successful? Aren’t seeking motivation and hustling for your passion; two contradictory terms? Let’s find out.

You don’t need the ‘motivation’ to be successful.

Success is a very subjective concept. You cannot judge someone’s achievements with another one. Happiness is a big factor in determining success. However, we are not going to discuss the philosophy of success here. That will be too much for this blog. But, one thing I would like to mention is that everyone wants to be successful. It’s a human desire to achieve more, to be better, and to climb the hierarchy pyramid. Human society has evolved in this way. Materialistic goals and struggle are inseparable parts of a hierarchy-driven society. As Jordan Peterson says, “The bottom of the hierarchy pyramid is a very miserable place to live”. So, there is a constant desire of those at a lower position of the hierarchy pyramid to be better, to improve their living standard, and to improve their status. Yes, status. Status is a driving force in a hierarchy-based social system.

Now coming back to motivation. Why do you need motivation? We feel the urge of external motivation when we feel low, when we don't get any result or when we start doubting ourselves. The need for external motivation itself is a big problem. You don't need any external motivation to work harder for your goals. If you are really passionate about something, it will always give you that much-needed motivation to work harder for it.

The Gym Story:

The problem is not with motivation. The problem is with the choices. If you are not enjoying something, you will eventually need external help to continue that thing. Let's take the example of gyms. What is the percentage of regular gym-goers with respect to the total number of people who join any gym? The result is very little. But why? Approx 14 % of the U.S population goes to the gym as per statistics. Most of them join gyms by following the crowd. They have no internal interest in doing it. They just join the gyms to

Impress others. And after some days of working out, they quit. They lose the motivation, they lose the motivation to be fit.


Startups are the coolest thing of this century. With all the hypes of fundraising and media coverages of the celebrity founders; startups have now become the first choice of every other college-goers. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. You will meet a lot of college kids bragging about their startups which are basically some copy-pastes of already successful companies. There are definitely many highly talented founders who are genuinely trying to solve some real-world issues. Anyway, have you ever realized the tractions all these cheap social media ads of startup or marketing courses have? It's huge. What does that mean actually? It surely indicates the lack of motivation, lack of self-belief, and lack of inner confidence. I often come across people on various social channels complaining about the lack of having motivation in being consistent in their work. This is bad. There won't be any sort of results that you will be able to see in the very early days of your journey. It takes time. Motivation is a byproduct of your belief system. Don't seek motivation to be an entrepreneur. Instead, find something that genuinely interests you are trying to be consistent at it. Your belief system is your biggest motivation to be successful. The game is all about patience. Trust the process.


Motivation is overhypped. The billion-dollar motivation industry is running on the sole aspect of human nature; that is our lack of self-belief. The digital era has leveraged everyone with information and knowledge. This is good. But the mass social channels are helping the ‘fake reals’ to become viral. With this, another problem appeared. Now everyone wants to be like ‘everyone on social platforms. The majority of the millennial population is running after materialistic goals. They are just following the crowd without even knowing what they really want. An on not seeing instant results, they start getting depressed; they need motivation now. They start searching for a high dose of motivation to be successful and what they get is all these clickbait motivational lessons. The simple one-liner story is you done need to seek any kind of external motivation if you are really enjoying what you are doing that's it. Don't let the trend pressurize you.

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