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Why should you not feel FOMO while watching a family travel blog?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Offbeat career choices are getting a lot of attention now. Modern millennials hate to waste their lives on meaningless formula-based systems. Blogging appears as a rescue here. But it's quite common to get FOMO while watching a family travel blog or any other travel blogger on YouTube.

Humans are social animals. We are evolutionarily integrated into the social system. You are bound to feel FOMO or even jealousy on seeing others doing well in life or having a better life from your perspective. That's how our psychology works. Anything different or offbeat always gets a lot of attention from the mass. The high popularity of travel blogging is just an example of this.

Everyone loves freedom. But money appears as a defining factor in determining your quality of life. In a formula-based traditional social system, getting a job is considered the ultimate success of life. But reality hits hard once you start working somewhere. You start having issues like frustration, unhappiness, or even depression. You start feeling stuck and find it difficult to move out from it as you never gave importance to your hobbies and likes. And eventually, you start having FOMO on seeing someone doing well with his offbeat choices and having a flexible life full of freedom.

Travel Bloggers India
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Is travel blogging the coolest form of life you can ever have?

Youtube is flooded with stories of millennials quitting their jobs to start traveling full-time. Being able to live a life full of adventures far away from the corporate chaos is definitely a cool thing. What fascinates others the most while looking at a travel blogger is not money, fame, or even the lifestyle; it's the freedom he has. No mainstream job can ever offer you that kind of a flexible life. However, it's not that much easy to be a travel blogger as it sounds. It has its own set of struggles. But on one point we all must agree that travel blogging has everything that can give you a sense of FOMO.

Family travel blogs and travel bloggers in India:

With the increase of internet penetration rate in the country in recent years, a high number of people got introduced to the platform YouTube. Both the creators as well as the consumers got benefited from this. Travel blogging is one such niche that got a lot of attention from the average Indian viewers after this. Now everyone wants to be a travel blogger in this country. However, very few are aware of the hardships and struggles behind it. Anyway, amidst this revolution, different genres of travel blogs became highly successful. This includes cinematic blogs, solo travel blogs, adventure travel blogs, and even family travel blogs. Everyone is trying their hands out on blogging and what can be a better genre than traveling?

When you search for the keyword ‘travel bloggers India’ on YouTube, you will mostly be able to see results featuring some solo nomadic travel blogs along with group travel and a few family travel blogs. And in most cases, you will see people doing travel blogging full time after quitting their high-paying jobs. This is interesting. Be it Nomadic Indian, Tanya Khanijaw, or Nishith Sharma; the story at the core is just the same. But why?

Yes, freedom is the answer. See, it contains a lot of hard work and patience in any domain to be successful at it. However, you will never feel any sort of frustration about doing something you genuinely love doing. This digital era has come with lots of opportunities. It's up to us how much we can leverage out of it.

You should not feel FOMO on seeing someone doing better:

Everyone’s life is different so are the struggles and challenges. You cannot judge yourself on seeing someone else’s success. As Jordan Peterson mentions in his book “12 Rules For Life”, you should compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with someone else’s today. Your goal should be to be better every day. That's it.

Whatever you do professionally, one factor that mostly gets ignores is the quality of life. We always get distracted by a fat paycheque, apartments, and whatnot. But what matters the most is the quality of life you will be having in this job. And in most cases, that's not much interesting. You can never feel the freedom if there is always someone whom you have to report for every single thing. This is a major reason why millennials are leaving their high-paying corporate jobs to live the life full of fulfillment and satisfaction.

But there is no point feeling depressed on seeing them doing well and citing your life as a miserable one. It's not at all miserable. You only have to look after your progress. That is to keep improving yourself and being better at your domain.

Travel blogger:

How to become a travel blogger? Countless blogs and video courses are there on many platforms claiming to teach you to travel blogging. Leaving the technical part aside, travel blogging is not something that can be learned by watching a video. It's a form of life. It's an outcome of your attitude. Solo travel is not smooth. You face a lot of difficulties, challenges in your journey. You have to manage everything on your own. And in the process, you become a better person. You become better at dealing with people and a lot more. Those who are at the top have gone through this path of hard work and struggle.

Don't fall into the trap of all these courses. It's always better to attempt in the field than to go for theoretical learning.

Starting is always the toughest phase of any process. Things become easier afterward. Similar is with the case of travel blogging. Starting a travel blog needs courage, need a certain level of immunity against social judgments, and a lot of patience. Best travel bloggers are those who are extremely good at storytelling. Storytelling is the vector you should be trying to master if you want to make it big in travel blogging. You do not see any result in the initial years. It takes some time to get any monetary benefits.

How much a travel blogging website earns?

Travel blog writing is one of the hottest topics in the digital universe. It can be in the form of itineraries, anecdotes, or a lifestyle sharing kind of. People love seeing or reading the experiences of others. The popularity of travel blogging is an example of this. Whether it's a family travel blog or a solo travel blog; if it's unique it will get attention and eventually monetary benefits. Talking about the earning part, there is no limit actually. It totally depends on the quality of the website and marketing and distribution efforts. So, if you are still thinking of starting a travel blog, don't wait. This is the perfect time to do this.


We have discussed various aspects related to travel blogging here. One thing is clear that this is a very cool profession and has everything to give you a sense of FOMO in life. But again, everyone’s life is different, and so are the struggles and challenges. So, if you are still stuck in a job, don't worry; just keep working hard. You will certainly reach there. Just be patient and never stop working.

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