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Why melody is so chocolaty?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A typical Friday evening, I was surfing on the net and came across a funny yet curious post on a meme page. The post cited as "yeh melody itni chocolaty kyu hai?" or "why melody is so chocolaty?" and they expected answers from their audience. It was a unique question and being a kid in the 90s, I found it very interesting. The line was from a successful tv commercial of a chocolate brand and every one of our generations is familiar with it.

Lots of answers on this topic are available on the internet. The main reason for the chocolaty nature is that there is a dual-core of chocolate and sweet effects on its layering. The outer filling is filled with a caramel layer whereas the inside filling is chocolate which is very unique.

It was a brilliant marketing strategy of the brand to introduce such kind of a line "Yeh melody itni chocolaty kya hai?" The modern audience is difficult to be impressed with ordinary branding techniques. By hearing "Yeh melody itni chocolaty kya hai" people will be curious to know about the chocolate and automatically that improves the sales.

Why melody is so chocolaty?
Source: Unsplash

It acted positively and the brand value of the manufacturer also got improved.

Did you know melody was one of the most successful products of Parle India ltd and as cited on their page it was launched in 1983 and from that the question "yeh melody into chocolaty kya hai" is on the minds of people?

And their reply to this humorous question is "melody Khao khud Jaan jaao". Creative marketing, right?

Buy melody chocolates here:

This is one of the most creative and successful campaigns on TV commercials by any brand in India. Later on, we have come across different such creative campaigns by various brands which are also very successful.

For today "melody khao khud jaan jao".

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