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Why are the youth not attracted towards agriculture?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Being an agricultural country, India has a tremendous number of farmers. Farming is the main source of income for many Indian citizens mainly from rural areas. Around 80% of the population from the rural side live in agriculture. At present India holds 2nd rank worldwide in the field of agriculture but what about the future of farming? is there enough youth who will carry forward farming in the coming generation? Youths nowadays fail to do farming and hardly a few people are interested in choosing farming as their occupation.

Youth And Agriculture
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Let's see what youth think about agriculture and why they are not choosing it as a career:

1. Youth think it is disreputable:

In today's world, society plays an important role. The behavior of people and choices of people are now based upon the thinking of society. Even if the person likes something, What will society think? and how will it judge? remains the main question.

Everyone wants a job where they will get respect. A laptop, desk, suit, and office are considered as reputed. Even the payment is fewer people want to do office jobs. But choosing farming as a career will be the last thing they can think of. Farming involves mud, soil, no fancy clothes, and all the things which are considered disreputable. And this is the reason why rarely someone wants to go to the agriculture field. Even if you see youths practicing farming, that is because of there family is involved in it, or they have to do it because of their financial problems.

2. Youth think it doesn't give money easily:

There's no doubt that everyone likes money in a shorter time. Especially younger generations have lack of patience to wait for a long time to earn the profit. Investment is thought of as a waste of money, and they don't want to take risks in bigger investments. But farming is all about investing and patience. Once the sowing and all other procedure are done, the profit is gained after harvesting and sailing. Youths don't think like this, as they have seen people earning on monthly basis they find it easier and convenient. Another reason for this mindset would be fear of instability in profit. Farming is highly dependent on climate and weather, at times when an unusual scene occurs, the profit ranges high and low depending on the condition. So, it becomes a risk factor for youths.

3. Youth think living in a village is boring and hard:

Farming is done generally in the village, and it is hard to get a farm field nearby the city. If choosing agriculture as a main job, one needs to stay at village for there convenience. We are in an era where hectic schedules, rotational shifts of offices, traveling in locals looks easier. And the slow and peaceful life in a village is harder. Youth think more about fancy lifestyle and staying away from home instead of choosing family and minimum expenses in hometown.

How to inspire the youth about farming culture:

1. Proper knowledge is important:

The main reason younger generations avoiding agriculture and farming is because of lack of knowledge. Due to which it is seen as a poor and bad choice. As youth are unaware of the actual farming, proper knowledge should be given in different ways. Agriculture is the biggest sector in India, still, it is unvalued by many people which can be changed if the government provides awareness and help to develop the agriculture sector.

2. Handholding of agriculture students is important:

You must have seen many students who have a degree in agriculture field still looks out for other sectors job. There are plenty of students who didn't get placement which makes them hunt for a job in a different sector. There shouldn't be a scarcity of agriculture-related jobs. These are the students who have knowledge about soil, pesticides, and crops, still can't utilize it in the proper direction. Such students should be given placements in related fields or should be given scholarships so that they can use this knowledge in some way.

3. Technology and other facilities should be provided:

Another important factor that looks problematic for youths is the absence of facilities. The more facilities will be there, the more youth will attract towards it. These are some majors which should be done to catch the attention of newcomers in the field:

* Government should increase policies and loans for farmers.

* Special policies should be given for youths.

* Profitable technology should be made available for farming.

* Rented machinery should be provided for the needy.

* Special insurance for natural calamities.

4. No. of advisory organizations should be increased:

This point can help in two different ways.

Lack of knowledge and techniques leads to failure in farming. And there should be someone to guide in this. The advisory organization has people who personally suggest new and effective ideas which are useful for the one who is doing farming for the first time.

If we think in another way if the advisory organization will be increased the vacancies for the job will automatically increase. Therefore, any agriculture-related student can become an employee to help fellow farmers in protecting their crops and increase the profit.


Less interest in the agriculture field is because of unawareness and lack of technology. If we manage to transform old techniques with new technology, the attraction towards farming will be automatically increased. Youths have a lot more knowledge about making things easier and quicker. So if the new generation will find interest in agriculture, the productivity and development of the field would be increased for sure.

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