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Want to Reach Heights in Life? Know How Hard Work and Luck Play a Magnificent Role in Your Success

There is a saying that Absolute Success is Luck and Relative Success is Hard Work. Luck is a positive force that causes good things to happen to us by chance while hard work means putting lot of efforts to get the desired result. Luck happens by chance, but hard work requires efforts. The meaning of success is different to different people. Success is judged by two ways:

1. Relative Success:

Relative success is the one in which your success is compared to everyone else’s. Your level of success is compared to the success of people similar to you. It might be your classmate, your neighbour, your colleagues, or your siblings. The more you follow relative success, the harder work you are required to do. We gain a lot of experience through hard work. Hard work contributes to success, helps you discover new things, makes you stronger, you become smarter and gain great confidence to do anything in life.

2. Absolute Success:

Absolute success is when your success is not compared to anyone else but yourself. Absolute success is the one that you gain all of a sudden. When luck is in your favour, good things happen to you by chance and the outcomes of luck are so magnificent that you won’t even believe that you would get such a big thing in your life. But unfortunately, luck is not as reliable as hard work. It is because, luck is purely unpredictable and does not always give positive outcomes. It is possible to have a bad luck too.

How Should You Deal with Absolute Success?

There are many examples of less talented people with a lucky stride who are more successful than more talented but slightly unlucky people. Here are a few points to keep in mind while dealing with luck:

1. Be Prepared to Face Defeat:

If you are completely dependent on luck, you need to be extremely cautious because luck is not always the same. You can either be awarded with enormous pleasure or be offended with loss. So, it is important that you are always ready to come out of any unpleasant situation, heal quickly and rebound. You may encounter defeat. There are opportunities hidden in your defeat, you must learn to find them. Accept defeat with dignity and set new expectations.

2. Always Keep Accepting Opportunities:

Never keep clinging to a single opportunity. Make way for new and unique opportunities. You never know which path your life is going to take. You need to keep accepting any opportunity that comes your way. It is more important to follow alternate paths rather than sticking to just one path. You may get lucky from stuff you could not have even imagined.

3. Expand Your Network:

If you want to get lucky, surround yourself with people who have got lucky. Make contacts and get familiar with your responsibilities. When you are surrounded with successful people, you learn their way of handling tough situations in life, you also learn the tactics to attract luck because different people think of life differently and have their own ways of achieving success.

4. Think Positive and Expect Good Fortune:

Always have a positive mindset in any situation because when you think positively, you carry on with your ideas and things begin to work in your favour automatically. Positive superstitions bring good luck and boost up your self-confidence, improve your performance and convert your bad luck into good luck. Stay as positive as possible even when situations are not in your favour.

5. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Try new things and come out of your comfort zone. That is the first step towards success. When you explore new opportunities, you come closer to your goal. Trying new thigs not only improves your experience but also introduces new ideas that might attract luck. Don’t hesitate to come out of your comfort zone.

6. Bear in Mind That Good Luck Is Not Permanent:

You always need to remember that luck comes and goes, it is temporary. In fact, nothing is permanent in this world. You need to be prepared in every to possible way to face good luck as well as bad luck. Life is a combination of joys and sorrows. Every terrible thing has to end one day. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. So, in any situation, always believe that the best is yet to come.

How to Deal with Relative Success:

Many people believe that there is no shortcut to success. Even if luck does not support you, you can always rely on hard work to achieve success. There are examples of many reputed people who have achieved success through their hard work. Here are a few points to keep in mind while dealing with relative success:

1. Prioritize Your Work:

You cannot be too confident about luck because luck is uncertain, and you can’t be sure that you will be lucky always. But even if your luck fails, you have your hard work with you. You can win any war with your hard work. Hard work can even do things that luck alone cannot. So, always keep your work at topmost priority.

2. Don’t Always Depend on Luck:

Luck plays an important role in our life, but life is not possible if you depend on luck alone. Some tasks are not possible when you don’t apply our hard work on it. It would not be feasible to keep waiting for luck if you are caught in any difficult situation. In such cases, it is most essential to work on how to get rid of the bad situation.

3. Be Quick and Stay Focused:

It is important to stay focused on your work, and work in a fast-paced manner. If possible, try to get things done at the earliest to stay ahead of difficulties. Learn to use all the available resources around you and make the best out of opportunities that are available to you.

4. Make Yourself Compatible:

Hard workers are good learners. You need to invest more time on developing high level skills that might be useful to gain success in your future endeavours. You need to absorb a lot of information and have an eye on detail. Acquire more knowledge that would help you reach your success goals quicker.

5. Bring Out the Hunger in You:

Your desire to achieve success should be unstoppable. Remember that successful people can go up to any extent to achieve what they want in life because they inculcate in themselves, a hunger to succeed. When you inculcate such a strong desire in yourself, you will apply hard work and get rid of all the roadblocks to your success and achieve it anyway.

6. Smart Work – The Current Trend:

Smart work is an efficient as well as effective way that is incorporated by most of the people around the world to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. Smart work saves time also improving the quality of work. The smart work approach requires minimum effort from you but creates maximum impact on the work that has to be done. In short, smart work helps you to get quality results in least time.


It is important that you create your own definition of success because success comes from self-belief. There is no shortcut to success. It is in fact, a combination of luck, hard work and smart work. We don’t have control over our luck – it can be either good or bad. But we can always keep ourselves prepared with efforts and planning even for the worst-case scenarios. Keep up the balance between luck and hard work. Regardless of luck and hard work, your commitment will lead you to success. Be committed, have faith in the almighty, be stern on your goals, and keep up your positive energy and success will be yours. The harder you work, the luckier you get!

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