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Want to make it big ? 5 reasons why Indian youtubers are opting for podcasting on youtube!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The craze for podcasting has reached a new high during this lockdown in India. Youtubers are opting for long duration podcasts featuring some great minds of the country. Country’s some of the biggest youtubers like Tanmoy Bhatt, Ranveer Allahbadia and even Swetabh Gangwar have shown their interest for podcasting in recent days.

Barkha Singh on The Ranveer Show
Image credit: BeerBiceps YouTube channel

Surfing on youtube has become a new pastime for Indian millennials. Instead of wasting time on a ton of not so informative videos, spending some time on a podcast is definitely a better choice. Youtube is now the first love of the podcasters who want to grow their reach to a larger audience. 

We are aware of this development. In this article you will get to know the reasons behind, which led so many famous youtubers to opt for podcasting on youtube.

5 reasons why the famous Indian YouTubers are opting for youtube podcasts:

1. Growth: All social media platforms demand experiments. With time the interests of the youtube audience change. Content creators always feel the urge to do something new. Why do people watch youtube? A majority of youtube audiences visit the platform to learn something new, to learn a new skill and to explore the unknown. Podcasts are becoming the new favorite choice to learn something new. As the concept of podcasting is still very new in the Indian subcontinent region, youtubers are opting for podcasting to gain a different audience and to add value to the audience.

2. Collaboration: Collaborating with a comparatively famous youtuber is the easiest hack to grow in the youtube world. The game is all about numbers. Streaming live with a famous youtuber will introduce you to the vast audience of that youtuber and will give you satisfactory numbers in conversion. And the best way for streaming live is by podcasting on a mind fucking topic. Most of the present growing youtubers in India are opting for this way to grow their audience.

3. Uniqueness: The game of social media is all about standing out from the crowd. All types of contents have been largely explored. Podcasting itself is a very unique type of content. Podcasting somehow is a way of expressing your inner self. You can share your knowledge, your stories or an interview with someone intellectual. There are numerous topics to be talked about, number of issues to be pointed out and lots of stories to be shared. Podcasting is the best way to do all of these.

4. Multi Platform Advantage: Along with Spotify, Anchor, Gaana and other famous streaming apps, various homegrown apps like Hubhopper, Headfone etc offer dedicated streaming options for podcasts. With a youtube channel for podcasting, the podcaster gets an opportunity to grow his reach to the video content audience and is very helpful in creating his own brand. This also helps in generating external referral backlinks from different platforms which increases the chance of ranking high on various platforms.

5. Future: Podcasting is still a very new concept for the Indian audience. Whereas the majority of digital content consumers in the U.S are podcast listeners. Millennials are now more inclined towards consuming valuable contents during commuting. A massive boom in the podcasting segment is underway in India. Both the podcast creators as well as the podcast platforms will see a big boom in the coming days.

Conclusion: India is the youngest country in the world at present. The country is one of the largest consumers of digital contents in the world. Country’s biggest youtubers are opting for podcasting on youtube is a positive sign for podcasting in India.


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